Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany

City: Tübingen
Institution Website: Medical Faculty
Available to Years: Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4
Official Language: German
Language Requirements: Basic German is preferred  (preceptors speak English)
Disciplines Offered:

Family Medicine
Occupational and Social Medicine
Dermatology, Venerology
Ginecology, Obstetrics
History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine
Health Economics. Health Care System, Public Health, Epidemiology, Medical Biometrics and Madical Computer Science
Human Genetics
Hygiene, Microbiology, Virology
Infectiology, Immunology
Internal Medicine
Clinical Chemistry, Lab Diagnostics
Clinical Oncology, Radiotherapy
General Pharmacology, Pharmacological Treatment
Clinical Environmental Medicine
Geriatrics, Palliative Medicine, Psychosomatics
Emergency Medicine, Acute Abdomen, Transfusion
Pharmacology, Toxicology
Psychiatry und Psychotherapy
Psychosomatical Medicine and Psycho Therapy
Radiology, Imaging Technologies and Radiation Protection
Legal Medicine
Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine, Natural Medicine

Application Information:

Year 1

2016 available places: 3

Application due date: 14th August

Further information & How to apply 

Refer to the ‘Observership Package’ from the University of Tübingen.

Knowledge of the German language is of benefit but not compulsory. The process will be competitive so we would recommend you also submitting a letter of motivation and any evidence of having studied German (if applicable).

If you wish to apply you need to submit the following documents;

  • Completed ‘Application Form’ (in attachment)
  • Completed ‘Certificate of Enrolment Form’ (in attachment). UQ will sign it upon submission.
  • Copy of your passport’s biographical page and photo
  • Proof of Immunization of Hepatitis B
  • Bank or sponsor verification of person funds (670 Euros per month)
  • Letter of Motivation (recommended)
  • Evidence of German (recommended if applicable)

The University of Tübingen also requests evidence of health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance. UQ will submit the following documents/information on your behalf

Please submit your application and required documents to global@som.uq.edu.au by 14th August (so UQ can forward your application to the University of Tubingen by the 15th August).  

Year 3 & 4

2016 available places: 2

Application due date: Open. Applications should be submitted at least 4 months in advance.

How To Apply

Additional Information:

Country Profile

Travel Advice

Is a Student Placement Agreement required?: No