A career in medicine can take many directions. We recognise the importance of providing medical students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for diverse potential careers. In addition to the four year MD degree, our students are also encouraged to get involved in opportunities that extend their skills and knowledge, and provide them with leadership qualifications.

MD Leadership Program

UQ Medicine has partnered with the UQ Business School to launch the MD Leadership Program, an innovative intiative designed to prepare students to become leaders in their chosen fields of medicine.

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U21 MDG 4 Health

This Health Sector project is part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG). Developed by the Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group, the purpose of U21 MDG 4 Health is to enable academic institutions to develop an educational strategy on MDG training and education for health professional trainees.

Manali Medical Aid Project

This project is an initiative of University of Queensland medical students founded in 2007 to support the Lady Willingdon Hospital, a charitable hospital in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. 

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This is a global health club with the mission to empower and support students to make a sustainable difference in the realisation of health equality, at home and abroad. 

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This a student organisation which supports female and male students equally in getting the most out of their medical education. 

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This is a rural health club dedicated to helping medical, nursing and allied health students experience the unique career and lifestyle opportunities beyond Brisbane. 

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UQ Advantage

Maximise your time at university and enhance your employability.

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Extended Placement Program in 2018

This is an opportunity in 2018 to spend more time in a rural location by undertaking back to back attachments involving the Year 3 Medicine in Society Stream A Rural Medicine and General Practice rotations.  You will be living in a vibrant rural community for the two rotations ... you will become a part of it.  Accommodation will be provided.  You will be able to follow your patients through their primary and secondary care with enhanced clinical responsibility and work with all aspects of the health system.  Rural doctors with medical education experience will be available to support you.  Assessment will be as per discipline requirements. 

The application process involves the provision of a detailed statement (maximum one page) addressing the following points:

  • Any previous experience living/working in a rural/remote area
  • Whether you have membership and active involvement with TROHPIQ
  • Any attendance/presentations at events or conferences of rural significance
  • If you have undertaken electives in other years of the MBBS program in a rural/remote area
  • If you are a current rural scholarship holder eg. MRBSS, RAMUS, John Flynn
  • What you can contribute and what you hope to gain from undertaking an extended rural placement
  • Any other information which would demonstrate an interest, in and commitment to, health in rural/remote communities

Students wanting to participate in the program will need to be of good academic standing and have a keen interest in rural and primary care.  

Your application is to be submitted to ruralmedicine@uq.edu.au by the 1 May 2017.

Essential Skills in Medical Education – Student course

The ESME Student course seeks to respond to the need for students to have experience in medical education and aims to affirm and motivate them in their expressed interest in teaching in medicine.

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Churchill Fellowship

Travel the globe to investigate a topic or issue you are passionate about, whilst gaining the international expertise you require to create or affect change for a better Australia.

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