The Office of Medical Education Prepares Global Leaders in Medicine by using innovative teaching strategies based in established educational theory to ensure excellence in:

  • Curriculum design and delivery
  • Integration of digital technologies
  • Evidence-based assessment methodologies
  • Student-centred learning
  • Rigorous program evaluation and review

The combination of world-class teaching facilities and award winning biomedical, clinical and research teaching staff delivers Australia’s largest medical program. Early clinical exposure and the utilisation of small group case-based learning creates the optimum learning environment for our future medical professionals to develop the critical analytical and clinical skills necessary to provide excellence in a patient centred care.

We translate our educational research and innovation into practice by supporting our staff in their scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Teaching awards

2016: UQ Teaching Fellowship – Dr James Fraser

2016: UQ Teaching Fellowship – Dr Margo Lane

2016: UQ Teaching Fellowship – Dr Jennifer Schafer

2016: UQ Teaching Fellowship – Dr Tammy Smith

2015: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - Award for Teaching Excellence – Dr Tammy Smith

2015: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - Teaching & Learning Recognition Award – Dr Tammy Smith

2015: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - Teaching & Learning Recognition Award – Dr Mary Kelleher

2015: UQ Teaching Fellowship - Associate Professor Nancy Sturman

2014: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Senior Teaching Excellence Award - Dean's Award for Innovation in Curriculum Development - School of Medicine Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference - Associate Professor Diann Eley

2013: UQ Awards for Teaching Excellence – Commendation UQ Faculty of Health Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence -  Associate Professor Diann Eley  

2013: School of Medicine Clinical School Teaching Award - Professor Mark Smithers (PA Hospital), Dr Grant Phillips (Rural Clinical School), Dr Mark De Wet (Sunshine Cost Clinical School), Dr David Taylor (Mater Hospital), Dr Douglas Cavaye (Wesley Hospital), Professor John Pearn (School of Medicine)

2013: Medal for Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Professor Mark Smithers

2012: UQ Medical Society Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Professor John Pearn (School of Medicine)

2012: Medal for Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Dr Mark Coulthard

2010: ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning - Professor Malcolm Parker

2010: British Medical Association Pathology Prize - Professor Sunil Lakhani

2008: UQ Award for the Enhancement of Student Learning - Professor Leonie Callaway, Dr Jennifer Schafer, Ms Patricia Rego, Associate Professor Ray Peterson, Professor David Wilkinson

2007: UQ Award for Teaching Excellence - Dr Marie-Louise Dick

2006: National Carrick Award for Australian University Teaching - Associate Professor Diann Eley  

2006: UQ Award for the Enhancement of Student Learning - Associate Professor Diann Eley  

2006: UQ 'Citations' for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning - Associate Professor Diann Eley  

2005: UQ Award for Enhancement of Student Learning Commendation - Associate Professor Diann Eley 


Our research expertise and activities are focused across a wide range of topics in teaching, learning and medical education.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Office of Medical Education (OME), please contact a member of our academic staff. 

Medical Education Research Register

If you're conducting research in medical education, you may wish to access our medical students for your study.

The UQ Office of Medical Education (OME) coordinates any requests to involve medical students in research through a registration process. 

This ensures our students are not unnecessarily compelled to respond to frequent surveys or requests to participate in research. It also allows us to:

  • ensure that any research or evaluation (not directly connected to a course) is meaningful to our students' education and conducted at an appropriate time, 
  • prevent duplication of effort in research or evaluations,
  • foster collaboration between individuals working in similar areas,
  • promote medical education research opportunities, and
  • collect data on research opportunities for the purposes of university reporting or reviews.

A list of registered medical education research projects is available here.

If you wish to request access to UQ medical students for your research please follow the steps below.

1. Download the guidelines to clarify whether your research is suitable for involving students.

2. If you have read the guidelines and believe your study is likely to be approved to involve medical students, register your request by clicking the button below.

Register your request


The Medical Education Unit has contributed to research literature on medical education topics including assessment, benchmarking, clinical reasoning, personality traits, placements, recruitment and supervision.

Please view our publications at UQ eSpace:

Research funding


Project title

Funding scheme

Medical Education staff

Funding amount


Conversion and student-centred evaluation of MEDI3005 eLearning offering

Transcribing the Intern Voice

Engage currently enrolled students to conduct video recorded interviews with junior doctors about their experience in clinical roles

M+BS ELearning Enabling Grants

Dr Nancy Sturman



Online module - Clinical Coaching in a residential aged care facility

Online module - Clinical Competency based assessments


Dr Margo Lane, Dr James Fraser



Piloting an electronic Mindfulness Lounge


Dr Michaela Kelly, Dr Nancy Sturman



Musculoskeletal examination demonstration videos


Dr Mary Kelleher



Online module - Promoting physical activity by Prescribing Exercise


Dr James Fraser



Produce a series of eLecture videos linked with interactive elements for delivery of pathology components of MD/MBBS program

Develop interactive, scenario-based learning modules which clearly demonstrate the relevance of physiology by linking fundamental physiological concepts to clinical outcomes.


Prof Nick Hawkins




M+BS SOTL Collaborative Workshop Grants

A/Prof Di Eley



Holistic Integration Workshop: Teaching & Research: 

M+BS Researcher T&L Workshop grant

A/Prof Di Eley



Building capacity for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning amongst clinicians working as educators in the UQ School of Medicine

UQ Early Career Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant    

Dr Emma Bartle                                                                                                                    



Do creative podcasting tasks develop communicative competence in chemistry undergraduates?

Chemistry Discipline Network Catalyst Grant

Dr Emma Bartle   



Work-based assessment of teamwork: an interprofessional approach

OLT Grant Innovation & Development

A/Prof Di Eley, Kathy Dallest



GAMSAT - beyond predictive validity: an exploration of acceptability, educational impact and political validity 

GAMSAT Research Board Funding

A/Prof Di Eley, Dr Mavourneen Casey, Dr Emma Bartle



Embedding and evaluating vicarious global learning objects (VGLO) into core courses for health science students: expansion of the Hue initiative

Teaching and Learning Strategic Grants

A/Prof Di Eley



UMAT: A definition and exploration of fitness for purpose

UMAT Research Consortium Funding

A/Prof Di Eley, Dr Mavourneen Casey       



Development and implementation of a pilot chemistry preparatory program to improve success and retention of Indigenous students in UQ's MBBS program

Teaching & Learning Strategic Grants

Dr Emma Bartle



Student-determined learning objectives as a means of self-assessment for UQ medical students on their clinical placements

UQ New Staff Start-up Grant

Dr Emma Bartle



Personality and students' initial intention and decision to enter rural practice early in their medical career

MSOD Project Grant

A/Prof Di Eley



Developing intercultural competence: Evaluation of student interprofessional learning through international clinical placements

UQ Faculty of Health Sciences Learning Enhancement Grant

A/Prof Di Eley



Extending GAMSAT: Enhancing scope and validity

GAMSAT Consortium Research Funding

A/Prof Di Eley, Dr Jennifer Schafer



A video triggers approach for the UQ MBBS Problem Based Learning program

UQ Centre for Medical Education Research & Scholarship Junior Research Grant

Dr Emma Bartle



The Office of Medical Education organises an annual one-day teaching and learning conference to share innovations in medical education. 

The conference is open to all interested parties such as medical education officers, directors of training, Academic Title Holders and medical students.

The Unit also conducts research and teaching and learning meetings, seminars and workshops.

Abstracts from past events