The Mayne Academy of Rural and Remote Medicine is headed by Associate Professor Bruce Chater. The Discipline oversees the Rural & Remote Medicine placement, which provides a unique opportunity for medical students to understand and experience the rewards, benefits and challenges of clinical practice amongst population groups and/or in communities that face access and equity challenges associated with health service delivery. 

Rural & Remote Medicine students undertake either:

  • Rural and remote medicine (domestic students only); or
  • International rural and remote medicine (international students only).

Effective from Semester 1, 2019 the Medicine in Society course will be split into two separate courses with different course codes:

  1. MEDI7315 Rural and Remote Medicine (RRM), and
  2. MEDI7321 Medicine in Society (MIS)

By default, domestic students will undertake the Rural and Remote Medicine course, while international students will enrol in the Medicine in Society course.

RRM Special Consideration Guidelines and Application Form can be accessed here.

RRM Student Handbook 2021 can be accessed here.

RRM Preceptor Handbook 2021 can be accessed here.