These build on the core elements of high quality general practice and primary care – first contact, continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care provided to populations undifferentiated by gender, disease, or organ system.The PCAM features four additional key practice characteristics:

  • an ethos of supporting primary care both within and external to the practice
  • an expanded clinical model of care;
  • a governance approach that meets the specific needs of the community it serves;
  • and a technical and physical infrastructure to deliver the expanded scope of practice. 

The model centres around the creation of ‘beacon’ practices, which act to support and extend the capacity of primary care in the area, and better integrate service delivery locally between general practice, specialist services and other state-funded care. This is accomplished via the establishment of a general practice ‘mustering point’ for an expanded scope of practice for primary care in areas of population need, service innovation, teaching and data management and quality improvement. It is these characteristics that enable a ‘beacon’ practice to realise its potential.