The Discipline of Rural and Remote Medicine is headed by Associate Professor Bruce Chater. The Discipline oversees the Rural & Remote Medicine Placement, which provides a unique opportunity for medical students to understand and experience the rewards, benefits and challenges of clinical practice amongst population groups and/or in communities that face access and equity challenges associated with health service delivery. 

Rural & Remote Medicine students undertake either:

  • Rural and remote medicine (domestic students only); or
  • International rural and remote medicine (international students only).

Effective from Semester 1, 2019 the Medicine in Society course will be split into two separate courses with different course codes:

  1. MEDI7315 Rural and Remote Medicine (RRM), and
  2. MEDI7321 Medicine in Society (MIS)

By default, domestic students will undertake the Rural and Remote Medicine course, while international students will enrol in the Medicine in Society course.

RRM Special Consideration guidelines can be found here.

RRM Student Handbook 2019 can be accessed here.

RRM Preceptor Handbook 2019 can be accessed here.


Students can undertake placements in rural and remote areas within Queensland, throughout Australia and internationally.

Profiles for possible domestic 2020 placements can be found here.  Please note that not all sites are available each placement.

RRM Placement Subsidy

The RRM Placement Subsidy is an initiative of the Rural Clinical School and provides financial support to assist 3rd year students to attend Preparation Week and complete rural and remote placements in rural and remote communities throughout Queensland during the Comprehensive Clinical Practice Semester. This program is administered by the Discipline of Rural and Remote Medicine (RRM). 

Types of support include;

  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Internet; and
  • QAS Attendance

Further information on the subsidy can be found here.

To complete a subsidy form, click here.

Timeline for subsidy

Form Completion By


Payment By


Semester 1: 16 January 2019

Semester 2: 26 June 2019

Preparation Week Subsidy

Semester 1: 25 January 2019

Semester 2: 5 July  2019

Placement Subsidy

3rd Friday of the RRM placement

Wi-Fi Subsidy

3rd Friday of the RRM placement

QAS Subsidy

Semester 1: 14 June 2019

Semester 2: 15 November 2019


Teaching Activities

Rural & Remote Medicine sits within the Year 3 Comprehensive Clinical Practice semester and is preceded by a preparation week program hosted by a rural site.   Students undertake a supervised six week placement at a rural or remote placement site in hospital, general practice and/or community-based settings.  During the semester, students undertake a full day QAS trauma management workshop in Brisbane - students are required to make their own travel arrangements to attend the session.

If you a domestic student undertaking a rural placement, your placement will be organised for you following preferencing, and you will be allocated to a rural preceptor.  You will be advised of the location in which you will be required to undertake your preparation week. Your accommodation for both the preparation week and the subsequent RRM placement will be paid for by the Faculty.

Please be aware that whilst every effort will be made to avoid placement changes, this may be necessary due to circumstances out of our control.  In these circumstances, the coordinator will contact you to discuss alternative placement options.

Recognising our Academic Title Holders
UQ Medicine is proud to acknowledge that our provision of high quality medical education and research would not be possible without the work of our hospital and clinic-based health professionals. Within our discipline, clinical training and research is supported by health professionals who hold an Academic Title with UQ.

Research Activities

Research in rural and remote medicine is undertaken in our Rural Clinical School Research Centre, which conducts research relevant to the needs of rural areas from individuals through to entire populations.


The Discipline works in close association with:

  • Rural Doctors Association of Queensland
  • Queensland Health - Office of Rural and Remote Health
  • James Cook University
  • Griffith University
  • Queensland Rural Medical Education
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Away Placements in 2020

Rural and Remote Medicine 

Away placements are only open to International Students.

In Year 3, all domestic students are required to undertake the Rural and Remote Medicine (RRM) course. International students can also request to “transfer” from Medicine in Society (MiS) to RRM to facilitate an overseas “away” RRM placement.

International students are encouraged to undertake this placement overseas or return to their country of origin in order to satisfy the requirements for the placement component of the RRM course. It will be the responsibility of the student to plan and negotiate the proposed placement opportunity. This will include the student arranging and funding all their own accommodation, travel and other support for the placement. 

International students can submit an application seeking to undertake a supervised placement at an approved location in their country of origin. Placement locations must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 25km from a major teaching hospital
  • A local population less than 100,000
  • Placement Supervisor has a broad generalist set of skills and commonly works across a number of settings such as hospitals, private practice, Indigenous medical services and community health centers

In week 1 of the CCP Semester students will attend a Preparation week, which is mandatory. The aim of preparation week is to prepare you for your learning in your upcoming clinical placements and will be targeted to either RRM or Medicine in Society (MIS) learning objectives.

  • International students who are approved to do an away Rural and Remote placement will attend the RRM preparation at either the Bundaberg or Hervey Bay Rural Clinical School (RCS) sites.
  • Students completing the Medicine in Society course will attend a preparation week program in Brisbane.

Students undertaking an international placement in RRM in Block 1 will be exempt from attending the RRM Preparation Week, but will need to demonstrate how they are going to achieve the learning objectives for Preparation Week. Didactic sessions will be recorded for these students to view online or they can zoom in live.

Students are required to submit an application at least twelve (12) weeks prior to commencement of the block to seek approval to undertake their RRM placement overseas. Click here for further details of the application process.

Note on Enrolment: Students approved for an away placement for RRM must ensure their enrolment is updated in SInet from MEDI7321 (Medicine in Society) to MEDI7315 (Rural and Remote Medicine), prior to the relevant 2020 Semester census date.

To apply for an away RRM placement, please follow the instructions on the Faculty of Medicine webpage.

Questions about the placement requirements can be directed to the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Administration team at

Medicine in Society - Queens University, Canada

This stream is only open to International Students.

In Year 3, all international students are required to undertake the Medicine in Society (MiS) course, and generally this is held in Brisbane. Currently, we have one pre-approved MiS placement at Queen’s University, Canada for each of the six placement blocks in Year 3. The Faculty is committed to developing additional opportunities, but at present, Queen’s is the only definite one that is available.


  • This opportunity is only available to international students.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate an intention to practice medicine in North America.
  • The usual away placement restrictions will apply, including satisfactory GPA level.
  • Students can ONLY apply for blocks that correlate with their allocated placement pathway.

Where there is more than one eligible applicant, the successful student will be determined at random.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have already applied (and are awaiting confirmation from AFMC) to attend an away placement in Canada and you accept one of these placements at Queens University, you will not be permitted to return the Queens placement and undertake you own self-arranged placement.


  • These placements cannot be delivered in a GP context - the clinical setting provided at Queens is appropriate to the requirements of the MiS course only.
  • Students undertaking a Placement at the Queens University, Canada are responsible for all associated costs

Applications Open:          9 September 2019

Applications Close:          13 September 2019

To apply, email -

If you have any questions please contact


Medicine in Society - Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Available to International Students from Singapore only. 

Students from Singapore are eligible to apply for a placement in Geriatric Medicine at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore as part of their Medicine in Society placement. Students must apply and secure a placement from Tan Tock Seng, prior to applying to the Faculty of Medicine for approval.

Students are responsible for contacting any proposed teaching institution and for seeking agreement that a teaching program will be available consistent with the published Learning Objectives and Goals.

Students are required to establish that supervision will be provided.

Please provide the following information in your online application:

  • Where you wish to undertake your placement – please provide the name, address and a brief description of the hospital/clinical site including population demographics and areas of special clinical expertise.
  • Preceptor details- Name, Position
  • Preceptor’s area of clinical practice
  • A detailed timetable of the learning activities you will participate in during your proposed clinical placement, for example:
    • Clinical ward rounds
    • Clinical team meetings
    • Outpatient clinics
    • Hospital Educational Meetings e.g. journal club, grand rounds
    • Opportunities for engagement with other health professionals e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc.
    • Opportunities to engage in health care within the community e.g. hospital outreach clinics
    • Clinical research meetings
  • Please identify the prime medical conditions you will be exposed to during your placement e.g. what is the main clinical focus of the unit you will be attached to?
  • Please identify how this placement will enhance your clinical skills? ( max 150 words)
  • Please identify why you would like to undertake this clinical placement? ( max 150 words)

Students are advised NOT to make any travel arrangements until the final approval has been granted.

To apply, please follow the instructions on the Faculty of Medicine webpage.


Rural & Remote Medicine Academic Team
Head of Discipline – Rural & Remote Medicine: Associate Professor Bruce Chater
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Rural & Remote Medicine Administration Team

Team Lead Rural & Remote Medicine: Clare Butters
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Student Coordinator (Placement & Accommodation): Bridget Lowe 
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Course Support Officer (Assessment Coordinator): Tarin Stewart
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Medicine in Society - International Students Only
Administrative coordinator: Kim Wicks
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Academic coordinator:  Dr Michaela Kelly