Establishing a functional diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening service in general practice

This online implementation module addresses the utilisation of the MBS item numbers for DR screening in general practice and primary health care. It is based on the findings of an National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) trial which identified that general practices, with appropriate camera and in-practice training, achieved mean effective DR screening rates of 99% (NHMRC estimates our national rate at 50%). The module includes perspectives of patients and practitioners regarding optimal screening and is suitable for urban, rural and Aboriginal Medical Service settings. It can be undertaken as a practice or as GP-only training and the self-test allows GPs to be confident in the accuracy of their post training image interpretation. The module is suitable for RACGP Category 1 ALM or Small Group Learning options.

Advanced Diabetes Care in General Practice

The Advanced Diabetes Care course provides an overview of a best-practice approach to GP diabetes management including the selection of appropriate oral hypoglycaemics, the key management issues in commencing insulin in a community setting, and the assessment and management of all micro-vascular complications of diabetes.  As Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle related disease, maximal involvement from the patient in addressing key issues here is fundamental to optimal GP management.  Students will be introduced to the skills and approaches GPs require to help their patients and communities to succeed in lifestyle review / modification, practice systems to maximize best practice management, and working effectively with secondary care.