Medical Societies at Ochsner

All UQ-Ochsner students, in both Phase 1 and Phase 2, are assigned to one of five medical societies, named after an Ochsner physician founder, all of whom made important contributions to research, clinical care and/or education at the Ochsner Health System. The five societies are named the Alton Ochsner Society, the Curtis Tyrone Society, the Edgar Burns Society, the Francis LeJeune Society, and the Guy Caldwell Society.

Medical Societies provide structure for longitudinal educational advising and coaching for students from both faculty and peers. Societies are also social units organized to promote a sense of community within the larger Ochsner Clinical School/University of Queensland (UQ/OCS) cohort. Each medical society is led by a faculty member, the Society Head, who was chosen for expertise in advising and coaching. Society Heads have the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor academic progress, professional growth, and work/life balance of individual students within their society.
  • Lead the Ochsner Clinical School's advising and mentoring system by providing career advice and assisting students in finding specialty-specific advisors.
  • Assist students with the match process, including primary responsibility for writing the MSPE (Dean's Letter), and assistance with obtaining interviews.
  • Nurture social interchange between Phase 1 and Phase 2 students, and between students and faculty.
  • Provide formal four-year mentoring and coaching relationships with UQ/OCS students.
  • Identify struggling students and assist the Deputy Head of School, Students in establishing remediation plans. 

Society members can participate in the Medical Societies Online Group by clicking here.


For all enquiries regarding the Medical Societies at Ochsner, please contact the Ochsner Clinical School Office of Student Affairs:

Phone: +1 504 842 1204 | +1 504 703 2242