The following information relates specifically to Ochsner students. Please be sure to review the OCS Admin process for California Medical Residency Applications.

How do I access information to apply for a California residency?

What important information do I need to know about the PTAL application?

The following information was provided by the Medical Board of California (MBC), specifically as it relates to Ochsner students. Although you will be a graduate of UQ, specifically and only for the California PTAL application documents, you must complete the following fields exactly as listed below:

  • Medical School of Graduation/Name of Medical School:  University of Queensland Ochsner Clinical School
  • For Mailing/Street Address & State/Province/Country:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia/New Orleans, Louisiana

For the Timeline of Activities section of the application, you would leave this blank or indicate "not applicable" as this only relates to applicants who have already graduated.

For the Finger Print Cards, once you submit your application and receive the fingerprint cards from the MBC, you will need to have your fingerprints completed by an authorized fingerprinting location.

The following details are specific for the Class of 2018:

  • Attendance Dates: 9th February 2015 - 9th November 2018
  • Issue Date of Degree: 11th December 2018 

When do I submit the PTAL application and requirements?

  • You may apply through the Medical Board of California up to 9 months prior to your anticipated graduation date.
  • You can submit your PTAL application and all the requirements as you have them.  The Medical Board of California puts everything into a tracking system.  This should be done before you graduate.
  • OCS Administration will submit your L2, L5, and L6 Forms.  
  • OCS Admin will send your L6 Forms once you pay and submit your application. The L2 and L5 Forms cannot be mailed until after the official UQ graduation date.
  • ALL other requirements are to be submitted by you.
  • You are still required to submit L6 Forms for any clinical training completed outside of Ochsner or any other location outside of Australia
  • Refer to California Medical Residency Applications to review the process OCS Admin provides, as well as your responsibilities.

Can I use the online application system, BreEZe, to apply?

YES.  You can use either the BreEZe system to submit an online application or you can submit a paper application.  

The PTAL application asks if I am ECFMG certified. Should I say Yes or No?

  • NO.  You will not be ECFMG certified until after you receive your official diploma and final transcript.
  • If you apply using the BreEZe system, then you will have to select YES (in order to continue) and then include your anticipated date of graduation.

When is a PTAL application considered submitted?

An application is not considered “submitted” until both the Application Form (L1A-F) and the Application Fee have been received.  

What if I need to provide evidence of a submitted PTAL application to a residency program to be eligible for an interview?

If you need to provide evidence to a program that you have submitted a PTAL application, you can use the “Welcome Letter” that you will receive from the Board once your application fee and L1A-F forms have been received; or the “deficiency letter” you may receive from your assigned licensing analyst after your application has undergone its initial review. Both of these documents will list the “file number” for an individual’s application.  There is not a separate letter confirming that you have submitted an application.  

Is there anything I need to do with the PTAL in MyERAS?

  • YES!  
  • Applicants must indicate to the ECFMG that they plan to use the PTAL before the ECFMG will upload the PTAL into the ERAS system. Applicants can indicate that they intend on using the PTAL by selecting the Will you use a PTAL this season? Under the Actions column on the Additional Documents page under Documents.
  • Once you obtain a document from the California Medical Board that indicates your application has been submitted and is in process, you must upload it to ERAS Support Services via OASIS. The document needs to be either a welcome letter or proof of payment and submission, not just the application summary. This document must show your application number on it. Documents uploaded through OASIS will take one to two weeks to process. Since Ochsner/UQ participates in ECFMG’s online service for medical schools, you may also provide Ochsner Student Affairs with this document and it will be uploaded on your behalf, which will take up to two business days for it to show up in ERAS.
  • You must assign the PTAL as one of your documents in your applications to programs in California.
  • After you graduate and receive the final PTAL from the California Board, upload this via OASIS and it will replace the previous temporary document on file.

How do I make sure I am on the list of participants and OCS Admin is collecting my L6 forms for my rotations at Ochsner?

Verify that you are on our list by checking your Personnel Profile in New Innovations.

Do I need to do anything special if I have an away rotation?

  • YES!
  • You are required to submit L6 Forms for any clinical training completed outside of Ochsner or any other location outside of Australia
  • Refer to California Residency Applications to review the process OCS Admin provides, as well as your responsibilities.
  • If you are about to begin an away rotation and have not received a pre-filled L6 form, please contact Melissa Johnson at

What do I need to do post-graduation for the PTAL application?

  • As part of the PTAL application, it indicates that you are required to provide a certified copy of your diploma and transcript to the Medical Board of California (MBC). No action is required on your part. As a designated authorized official of The University of Queensland, the Ochsner Office of Student Affairs will send a certified copy of your diploma and medical school transcript, along with your L2 and L5 forms directly to the MBC. Please note that the L2 and L5 forms cannot be mailed to the MBC until after the official UQ graduation date.
  • In collaboration with the Academic Registrar at UQ, the Faculty of Medicine has organized a process to expedite sending the diploma and final transcript ONLY for those who are in the final stages of applying for the California PTAL. This will occur after the official UQ graduation date, not any sooner. This will allow you to apply immediately for ECFMG certification and get your completed California PTAL as soon as possible. You must have your PTAL documentation uploaded to ERAS by November 1st in order to be included in this group.
  • Likewise, UQ-Ochsner has collaborated with the ECFMG to expedite processing your ECFMG certificates. Again, this is ONLY for those who are in the final stages of applying for the California PTAL.
  • The MBC requires that "ECFMG must mail the Certification Status Report directly to the Board to be acceptable." To send an official report of your ECFMG certification status, refer to ECFMG's Certification Verification Service. Requests can be made online using ECFMG's CVS ON-Line.
  • Likewise, the MBC requires that official USMLE score reports must be submitted directly to the Board from the Federation of State Medical Boards. Requests can be made online through the FSMB portal.