In Phase 2 of the MD-Ochsner Program, the core clinical courses for Ochsner Cohort students must be completed at the Ochsner Clinical School. These core clinical courses include General Practice, Medicine, Mental Health, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, and Surgery.

View the clinical placement blocks that contribute to each of the semesters in Phase 2 of the MD-Ochsner Program.

MD-Ochsner Clinical Placement Blocks


MD Program Academic Calendar 2022

MD-Ochsner Clinical Placement Dates 2022

Phase 2 Placement Allocation Guidelines - Ochsner 2022


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MD-Ochsner Clinical Placement Dates 2021

Phase 2 Placement Allocation Guidelines - Ochsner 2021

Clinical placement order: Ochsner students will have the opportunity to nominate their preference for allocation of clinical placement order. Students are not disadvantaged by taking their clinical placements in any particular order. The blocks within the semesters do not have to be taken in any specific order, however students must successfully complete all Year 3 courses before commencing Year 4 courses. In Year 4, students should try to align their clinical placement order based on the medical specialty they intend to apply for in the U.S. Residency Match.

Allocation process: As part of the allocation process, Ochsner students will submit their preferences for clinical placement order via the  Placement Management System, Placements. Allocations are conducted as a ballot system whereby students are required to submit their preferences in Placements and the allocations will be conducted once the preferencing has been completed. It is not conducted on first-come first-serve. Students are selected in random order for allocation to their highest available preference. This will endeavor to allocate each student to their first preference before trying to allocate students to their second preference.

Students should refer to the published Phase 2 Placement Allocation Guidelines - Ochsner 2022. Ochsner students are encouraged to use the Forum on the Ochsner Medical Societies Online Group. Questions about the allocation process will be answered by Ochsner Student Affairs.

Placements is a University wide system for managing your program related placement activities. Placements will allow students to manage and view all placement related tasks and schedules in one location. 

View the Placements Student Handbook.

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For all enquiries regarding the allocation process and clinical placements for Ochsner students, please contact the Ochsner Clinical School Student Administration: