1. Ochsner Program Timeline

Second Year

  • Before September: register with ECFMG through IWA (allow a minimum of 5 business days to process your request).
  • Mid-September: the UQ International Team will organise a day to sign the Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) at St Lucia. It is not possible to complete the Form 186 until the exam period second year students are eligible for is opened (the earliest students can sit the exam is the November - January period), which is in September, after the release of the following years' Information Booklet.
  • Before starting Phase 2: sit the USMLE Step 1
  • Refer to the Ochsner USMLE Study Support section.

Phase 2 - Fourth Year

  • February: Ochsner students receive detailed information regarding the MSPE process during the Year 4 Medical Student Symposium
  • By Late May: sit the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills exams. NOTE: You are required to sit the Step 2 examinations by early July in order to receive your results for exemption from the Year 4 OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations). To receive exemption from the examination you will be required to report successful completion of the Step 2 exams by early October.
  • June: MSPE meetings begin. Refer to MSPE Letter Process section above.

USMLE Step 2 CK & CS Scores

  • Allow at least 8 weeks to receive scores
  • Step 2 CK - typically available 4 weeks after exam
  • Delays are inevitable for various reasons
    • Must allow for the "what if's"
  • Step 2 CS - results take much longer
  • You should take Step 2 CS with enough time to retake and pass prior to the exemption deadline.
  • Refer to the USMLE Study Support section and review the Step 2 CK & CS Study Plan.

2017 Program Requirements

Milestone Assessments Required to Graduate

  • Enroll in MEDI4030 course - Year 4 Milestone Assessments (Semester 2, 2017)
  1. OSCE (scheduled for July 2017 in Brisbane only) 
  2. IHI Certification (via online modules)
  • Refer to Blackboard course MEDI4030 for details.
  • ALL students are required to obtain the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Basic Certificate of Completion - Deadline: 29th September (Australia time)
  • Register to seek exemption from Year 4 OSCE - Deadline: 30th June (Australia time)
  • Students who are not able to provide evidence of passing USMLE Step 2 CS by the first Monday of Rotation 5 (18th September) will be registered for the Extended OSCE in November in Brisbane.


  • Ensure you have updated your mailing address in SI-net. NOTE: There are 3 sections for "Addresses" in SI-net. The Mailing Address is where the University will send all hard copy correspondence to you. This is particularly important for students who will not be attending the graduation ceremony at St Lucia. UQ will automatically send original copies of your diploma and final transcript to the Mailing Address listed in your SI-net account.  This will be during the Christmas holidays and the post office will not hold mail for more than 5 days; therefore, your diploma and transcript will be sent back to UQ if someone is not there to sign and accept the package.  Make sure to update your Mailing Address in SI-net where someone can receive your package.

  • The name on your diploma must match exactly the same name in your ECFMG record.

  • Contact graduations@uq.edu.au to address any issues regarding your name as it appears in SiNet.

Post-Graduation - ECFMG Certification Process

  • ​The following information provides the detailed process UQ Ochsner graduates must follow in order to receive final ECFMG certification.  Most of this information comes directly from the ECFMGs Certification Information Booklet, which is an excellent resource if you have any questions.

  • ECFMG requires all medical school graduates to submit copies of their final medical diploma.  You must send 2 photocopies of your final medical diploma to ECFMG. Do not send an original diploma. 

  • ECFMG verifies every international medical graduate’s final medical diploma with the appropriate officials of the medical school. When ECFMG requests verification of your medical diploma from your medical school, ECFMG will request the medical school to provide your final medical school transcript. UQ is signed up for ECFMG’s electronic verification portal, which means we can verify your diploma, upload your transcript, and electronically complete the process.  However, in order for us to do thisyou must send to ECFMG: Two (2) photocopies of your medical diploma.  It must be 8½ x 11 inches (letter size). ECFMG does not accept these documents by fax or email.

  • This must be sent to ECFMG by mail or courier service to the following address:

Attn: Certification Credentials Services
3624 Market Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685

Please Note:

  • UQ will send a notification to your UQ student email account with instructions on how to register your account with My eQuals in order to access and share your official diploma and transcript. Although the My eQuals system will allow you to share these documents in several ways, due to the specifics required by ECFMG, you will need to download a cryptographically signed PDF copy of both your diploma and final transcript and email it to StudentAffairs@ochsner.org. Do NOT send this via the My eQuals system, attach it in an email.

  • You can then print the PDF of your diploma and it will come out on letter-sized paper so you can send to ECFMG. 

In order for our office to verify your credentials and upload your transcript via ECFMG’s electronic verification portal, you must provide us with a copy of your transcript, and then we can verify you as soon as we receive the request from ECFMG.  When your documents are processed at ECFMG, you will receive an automatic email notifying you to contact your medical school to upload your transcript. You do not need to do anything for this, as long as you have provided us with a copy of your diploma and transcript. Our office also receives an automatic email notifying us to complete your credentials verification and upload your transcript.

  • You can check the status of your ECFMG certification online using OASIS.
  • Once you are ECFMG certified, ECFMG automatically transmits an updated status report notifying all programs you applied to that you are ECFMG certified.
  • Based on previous graduates' experiences, it generally takes 6 weeks to receive your ECFMG certification, from the day you mail the documents to ECFMG. 

California PTAL Applicants: For those in the final stages of applying for the California PTAL, the Post-Graduation information listed above will slightly differ for you. Please refer to Post-Graduation for the PTAL Application. You will also receive specific instructions via email closer to the official UQ graduation date.

Ochsner Clinical School


For all enquiries regarding the Ochsner Clinical School, please contact the Ochsner Clinical School Administrative Offices in New Orleans:

Phone: +1 504 842 4780
Email: OchsnerClinicalSchool@ochsner.org