This information provides UQ-Ochsner students with details and resources for preparing for the U.S. Residency Match.

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2. California Medical Residency

California Residency Application Information for Ochsner Students

California Residency Application FAQs for Ochsner Students

To apply for a license to practice medicine in the state of California, the California Medical Board has very specific requirements for international medical school graduates.  Those requirements can be found on the following site:

The biggest requirement is applying for the Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter (PTAL). Many residency programs will not interview you unless you are in the process of obtaining the PTAL. Additionally, many residency programs will not rank you to match unless you have a completed PTAL. This is not a requirement of the California Medical Board, but of individual residency programs and institutions. 

It is strongly advised that you review the fees, required forms, and process well in advance of considering applying for a residency in California.  It is a very tedious process and can be discouraging if attempted while applying during the ERAS application season.

Among the many required items needed as part of the PTAL application, there are three types of forms that are required for each student applying for a California medical residency - L2, L5, and L6.

Forms L2 and L5 must be completed by an authorized school official and must be mailed directly from the medical school directly to the California Medical Board. As an authorized signatory, the OCS Office of Student Affairs will coordinate the processing of these forms and send them directly to the California Board after the official graduation date.

Although Ochsner is a clinical school of The University of Queensland, all rotations taken at Ochsner are considered as "away" rotations by the California Medical Board and must be documented with the "Certificate of Individual Clinical Clerkship Training" (L6 form). Additionally, any rotations completed outside of Australia also require an L6 form.

In order to streamline this process and reduce errors for everyone involved, the following process has been implemented for Ochsner Cohort students who provide advance notice to the OCS Administration.

  • The L6 form will be completed for you after each rotation taken at Ochsner.  The OCS Admin will acquire the appropriate Clerkship Director's signature.
  • It remains your responsibility to have the L6 form completed for any away rotations outside Ochsner and Australia.  We will provide you with a pre-filled L6 form that you can take with you.  
    • The away institution will need to complete the form by providing an original signature and stamping the form with that facility's official seal. 
    • The form must be mailed directly from that institution to the California Board. 
    • Forms will need to be held at the institution until your initial application is submitted to the Board. 
  • If you are about to begin an away rotation and have not received a pre-filled L6 form, please contact our office at

To be included on this list, you must notify the OCS Office of Student Affairs of your intent to apply for the California PTAL by completing this online form as soon as possible. To verify that you are on our list, check your Personnel Profile in New Innovations. If at any time, should you decide not to pursue applying for a medical residency in California, please be courteous and notify our office as soon as possible.



For all enquiries regarding registration and certification requirements for Ochsner students, please contact the Ochsner Clinical School Office of Student Affairs:

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