Ochsner student orientation

This section contains complete details for Ochsner students transitioning to Phase 2 at the Ochsner Clinical School.

NOTE: Students may experience difficulties accessing some of the websites needed to complete orientation requirements, if still in Australia or outside of the U.S. For many complex reasons, some sites are not always accessible everywhere in Australia. The sites are definitely accessible on campus at St. Lucia and Herston, and anywhere in the CBD of Brisbane. Please also try using different internet browsers. 

9. Blackboard

In addition to the UQ-Ochsner website being one of your main sources as an Ochsner student, you have also been enrolled in the Ochsner: Phase 2 (2018) Community Site on Blackboard which provides you with confidential information, specifically as it relates to you as an Ochsner student in Phase 2. You will automatically receive email notices to your UQ email when announcements are posted on the community site.

USMLE Step 1 Exam

When you sit for the USMLE Step 1 exam, you will be provided with an embossed receipt from the Prometric Center.  Please be sure to retain this receipt for your records as you are required to upload your receipt via the Ochsner Phase 2 Community Site on Blackboard.

  • Upload your receipt by clicking on the Upload Documentation link located on the left side menu of the Ochsner Phase 2 Bb Community Site.

All course-related information is posted on Blackboard.

  • Login to Blackboard, select the course, then click on Clinical Schools (located on the left side menu).  Click on the Ochsner Clinical School folder.