Ochsner student orientation

This section contains complete details for Ochsner students transitioning to Phase 2 at the Ochsner Clinical School.

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7. Health insurance information

The Ochsner Clinical School and the AAMC require all medical students to have health insurance. The UQ OSHC student insurance, provided during Phase 1 in Brisbane, only covers students while in Australia, and does not cover students in their home country.

Students are required to either enroll in the health insurance plan provided through the Ochsner Clinical School, or submit proof of other valid coverage to waive the student health plan. Out-of-state Medicaid and state Children's Health Insurance Plans, and out-of-state HMOs do not cover non-emergency care in New Orleans and, therefore, do not qualify for a waiver.

All students are required to enrol in medical coverage, or present proof of other valid coverage, during the open enrolment period (13th November to 10th December 2017). Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to start rotations in January. The Ochsner Clinical School offers a competitively-priced comprehensive benefits package to all third and fourth year students. Medical, dental, and renters and auto insurance are offered with significant discounts and disability insurance is provided at no extra cost. 

The 2018 enrollment/waiver site is active and open for enrollment at this link.

Visit www.ochsnerstudentinsurance.com to review all details offered with the 2018 plan.

2018 Open Enrollment Announcement

For questions or concerns, please contact OchsnerStudentInsurance@marshmma.com.