Ochsner student orientation

This section contains complete details for Ochsner students transitioning to Phase 2 at the Ochsner Clinical School.

NOTE: Students may experience difficulties accessing some of the websites needed to complete orientation requirements, if still in Australia or outside of the U.S. For many complex reasons, some sites are not always accessible everywhere in Australia. The sites are definitely accessible on campus at St. Lucia and Herston, and anywhere in the CBD of Brisbane. Please also try using different internet browsers. 

2. New Innovations & Ochsner email

Ochsner uses an internet-based medical education software system called New Innovations that provides students with their own unique Ochsner folder.  Students utilise this system to access their individual schedules, temporary passwords, intranet portal, and important home page notices tailored to particular student groups. Students will receive their New Innovations and Ochsner User ID via email.  Students who have not received their username should contact the Ochsner Clinical School Administrative Office at StudentAffairs@ochsner.org

New Innovations Login Information


  • Enter ochsner for Your Institution (this is case sensitive)
  • Enter the User ID previously provided by email for Your Username
  • Temporary password for New Innovations is also the User ID. This temporary password is only for New Innovations.
  • Once logged in New Innovations, students should carefully read the Home Page Notices, specifically:
    • ​Temporary Password for Ochsner Network ID

IMPORTANT:  Your login User ID is the same for both New Innovations and Ochsner’s computer systems; however, the passwords are completely different. New Innovations is NOT a component of Ochsner’s computer systems. The temporary password to access Ochsner computer systems is located in the Home Page Notices of your New Innovations account.

Ochsner Email Access

Ochsner email accounts have been created for all students in both Years 3 & 4 Ochsner Cohorts. Official email correspondence is sent to students' UQ & Ochsner email accounts. Students are responsible for what comes through both their UQ & Ochsner email. It is strongly suggested to link your email accounts to remain updated at all times.

Setting up Ochsner email

Students must first login to New Innovations, as indicated above, to access the temporary password for Ochsner computer systems. Using your Ochsner User ID and temporary password, enroll in MyPassword to reset and create a new Ochsner password. Refer to the MyPassword Enrollment instructions. Students must enroll in MyPassword before accessing their Ochsner email for the first time. Once you have completed the MyPassword enrollment, you can login to your Ochsner email using this newly created password at http://webmail.ochsner.org. Your Ochsner email is your Ochsner User ID - i.e. v-xxxx@ochsner.org. 

MyPassword and Ochsner email accounts must be set up by 17th November 2017.

NOTE: Students may experience difficulties accessing the websites for MyPassword and Ochsner email, if still in Australia. For many complex reasons, the Ochsner.org sites are not always accessible everywhere in Australia. The sites are definitely accessible on campus at St. Lucia and Herston, and anywhere in the CBD of Brisbane. 

Computer/Security Access Quick Reference Sheet & FAQs