The Mid-Candidature Review process has 4 components:

Written component

Accepted format

Accompanying the written work will be the completed School form.

Each candidate must provide the following:

  1. A brief summary to explain to the committee what has been completed since the last milestone, and what still needs to be done prior to submission (including a time-line).
  2. A document outlining thesis structure.
  3. AND at least one of:
  • Completed or draft chapters (not introduction chapter)
  • Journal papers of work which will be included in the thesis.  The candidate and advisorsmust be able to justify that the candidate has contributed in a substantial way to the piece of work; the student would typically be the first author on the paper.  If submitting a paper, a copy of the paper is required, not just the bibliographical reference. 

  • A 20-page summary of work completed and plans for the next 6 months.

Approx volume of work expected to be completed

The 2 compulsory documents (items 1 & 2 above), PLUS at least one of the documents outlined in item 3 above.

Quality expectations

The quality of the material submitted should be of a standard that would be sent for peer-review.


Candidates are expected to achieve the Mid-Candidature Review Milestone 12 months FTE after Confirmation of Candidature. They will need to submit their Mid-candidature review document to the School's PGAO at least 4 weeks before the date on which the interview will take place.

Assessment process

The Mid-Candidature Review document is assessed by the same Review Committee as for the student's Confirmation of Candidature. The Reader/s will provide written comments by 2 weeks following submission of the document. Candidate to respond to Readers' comments in writing, to the satisfaction of the Reader/s, before interview can take place. The Committee will consider whether the candidate has met the time-lines proposed at Confirmation, whether the research has moved according to plan and whether the written work is likely to result in an assessable thesis. The Committee will be particularly looking at the proposed thesis structure.

Oral component

Accepted formats

A formal oral presentation to the Confirmation Review Committee, which can include PowerPoint slides (at least 15 minutes);


An oral presentation at a School or institute-wide seminar (at least 15 minutes);


A poster or oral presentation (at least 10 minutes) at a national or international Conference, at which at least one member of the Advisory team is present.


As outlined above, depending on type of presentation.

Quality expectations

The presentation should be of a quality to demonstrate to the Review Committee that the candidate is progressing in their oral presentation skills and developing the professional skills required of a RHD graduate.


It is preferable that local presentations be held immediately prior to the interview for mid-Candidature Review.  Presentations at a national or international conference can occur at any time between Confirmation of Candidature and the interview for mid-Candidature Review. 

Assessment process

The Review team and/or a member of the Advisory team will attest to the quality and completion of the required oral presentation and that they have provided the candidate with appropriate feedback.



The Review Committee (at least one Reader, Chairperson, Principal Advisor) and the candidate.

Expected duration

Approximately 30 minutes

Quality expectations

Candidates would be expected to be able to discuss their overall PhD thesis structure and participate with the Review Committee in a critical discussion of their research area. 


Approximately 4 weeks after written work is handed in.

Assessment process

The Review Committee will attest to the quality of the interview and that they have provided the candidate with appropriate feedback. There will be an opportunity for the candidate to speak to the review committee members without the Advisor/s present and/or for the Advisor/s to speak to the committee without the student present.  The performance of the student with respect to the UQ graduate attributes (see page 11 of the School's MCR form) will be assessed, and strategies to overcome any shortcomings should be suggested. 

Written Feedback


The School's Mid-Candidature Review form will outline the feedback that is required. Structured feedback and free comment sections are part of this form, which is completed by the Candidate, Principal Advisor and the Chair of the Review Committee.


Written feedback to the candidate will be provided within 2 weeks of the Interview/Dialogue date.