Our team of Medical Student Support Advisers spend time at your clinical units to provide you with support while you are on placement. The advisers are available for appointments to discuss any issues and difficulties that could interfere with your study or placement and can provide relevant information, support and referral to other relevant services.

Our team are well positioned to assist with:

  • Mental health support, strategies and resources
  • Navigating University policies and procedures and liaising with faculty
  • Maximising performance
  • Overcoming unique challenges of studying in a foreign country or interstate
  • Referral to specialist support services (e.g. counselling, disability support, accommodation and learning support).

To find out when an adviser will be at your clinical unit, select the location of your placement below. 
Whilst appointments are preferred, walk-ins are also welcomed pending advisor availability. 

Zoom and phone appointments are available should an advisor not be at your site. Please select the date you would like an appointment, and select either ‘skype’ for a Zoom appointment or ‘phone appointment’ to book in. Please ensure “any” is selected under campus if you are seeking a Zoom or phone appointment.

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