The University of Queensland Medical Program seeks to deliver impactful student support, which is fully aligned with program delivery.

It is recognised that targeted, high impact and quality support is a critical factor underpinning student success and satisfaction.

For medical students at UQ to reach their full potential, the Medical Program acknowledges the importance of supporting students throughout their studies. This support facilitates students to achieve their best, enjoy their medical program experience, and compliments their academic journey to becoming a medical practitioner. The Medical Student Support Strategy 2018-2020 is the governing document for medical student support, and reflects the medical student support vision, mission, and guiding conceptual frameworks.

In addition to Student Services available to all students at UQ, the Medical Student Support Team (MSST) provides dedicated support to medical students for all wellbeing needs, and refers to other services as required. The MSST can assist medical students with:

  • Mental health support, strategies and resources
  • Navigating University policies and procedures and liaising with the Faculty
  • Maximising performance
  • Overcoming unique challenges of studying in a foreign country or interstate
  • Referral to specialist support services e.g. counselling, disability support, accommodation and learning support.

Jacinta SinclairPhase 1

Jacinta Sinclair
Student Adviser (Years 1 and 2)
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Aneela SwansonPhase 1

Aneela Swanson
Student Adviser (Years 1 and 2)
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Please note: Year 1 and 2 students can now book an appointment with a Student Adviser at a specific clinical unit site.

Diana EarlPhase 2

Diana Earl
Student Adviser (Years 3 and 4)
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T: (07) 3365 1704
After hours crisis support: 1300 851 998 (If you are calling from overseas please follow these instructions).
All appointments are confidential.

A 'stepped-care approach' is taken to the provision of academic guidance in the Medicine Program.

In addition to your Course Coordinators and other teachers, students in the medical program can access specialised academic advice.

The Academic Guidance Leads provide proactive and reactive specialised academic advice and support to medical students, and refer to other services as required. This includes:

  • Identifying students at risk of not progressing and supporting with academic advice, or referral to other services
  • Recognising and supporting high achieving students
  • Maintaining regular communications regarding academic support options
  • Assisting in arranging Student Access Plans and adjustments
  • Meeting with students prior to returning to studies after an interruption of studies
  • Providing guidance to UQ staff and medical students on strategies and actions to optimise students’ learning experience
  • Providing targeted support for medical students who need to repeat a course or who are returning from an interruption of studies
  • Providing support to facilitate implementation of reasonable adjustments for students with a Student Access Plan.

Angela BrandenburgAngela Brandenburg
Academic Guidance Lead (Years 1 and 2)
T: +61 7 3346 5251



Academic Guidance Lead (Years 3 and 4)
Please note: This support is available for domestic and onshore international medical students in Years 3 and 4.  UQ-Ochsner medical students in Years 3 and 4 are encouraged to contact their Ochnser Medical Society Head for academic advice and support.


Referral links

The Personal Advisor Network (PAN) was established as part of the Medical Student Support Strategy 2018-2020. This initiative provides targeted and individualised support for medical students and fosters a spirit of community and connectedness. Each student entering the Medical Program is invited to join the PAN and be assigned a personal advisor, who plays a valuable role in guiding and shaping the experience of medical students, one-to-one.

The Personal Advisor Rural Network (PARN) is a subset of the PAN. The PARN has been established with the specific purpose of encouraging students with a rural perspective and supporting rural origin students or those interested in pursuing a medical career in rural and remote communities.

Testimonials from students

My personal advisor is a wonderful reassuring mentor, who is willing to listen and give advice freely. She is always ready to hear from your perspective, and goes an extra step to make you feel at home. She is someone whose qualities I admire, and she is a joy to speak to.
- Year 1 MD student, 2019

My personal advisor has shared a lot of his personal experience and advice on how to manage the stress and workload. He has also generously shared some resources which he used while he was still in medical school.
- Year 1 MD student, 2019

The Academic Lead for Medical Careers provides individualised medical careers advice for all domestic and international medical students. Avenues include email, meetings (StudentHub) and through the Medicine Program website. The Academic Lead for Medical Careers also provides support for students wishing to develop and attend careers events.

Dr Rachele QuestedDr Rachele Quested
Academic Lead for Medical Careers
T: +61 7 3346 4884
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Virtual drop-in sessions

The Academic Lead for Medical Careers is available from 7.30pm on Mondays via Zoom to talk to students.

Learn about medical career support