7. Appendix 1

Stage of program

Required Learning Activities


YEARS 1 & 2

Orientation week activities

Being at lectures gives you the opportunity to meet discipline experts, ask questions and participate in discussions.  We encourage lecture attendance, but it is not a required learning activity and recordings of the lectures will be available on-line

Case-Based Learning (CBL) Tutorials

Clinical coaching sessions

Communication Skills Sessions


Practical sessions in all disciplines




Procedural Skills Workshops


All scheduled tutorials


On-line activities or tutorials, activites



YEARS 3 & 4

Introductory week activities

This list is not exhaustive and students are expected to take the guidance of course coordinators  and supervising teams as to the activities required on placement. Some placements specify  participation in particular clinical activities including overnight shifts. No shift should be longer than 10 hours and an adequate recovery time provided before a student is expected back on placement

All scheduled tutorials and scheduled clinical skills & simulations; other educational sessions provided at your hospital or GP practice

Integrated Clinical Tutorials

Bedside tutorials

Back-to-Base sessions

All learning activities required by specialist blocks or clinical units

A minimum of 30 hours clinical time per week when on placement which will include but is not limited to: being involved in ward work; outpatient clinics; team meetings; operating theatre/birth suite/emergency department/ GP clinics/consultations as appropriate; independently seeing and/or clerking patients; undertaking MiniCEX’s, DOPS  and COPS for WLP;.