5. Orientation and Introductory Week

Orientation (Years 1 & 2) and Introductory Week (Years 3 & 4) are integral to the medical program and are offered to students to optimise learning in the upcoming semester(s). Active participation by all students is required. The Introductory Week schedule will be made available to students by email.

Students who are undertaking their first clinical placement during the first week of semester (i.e. Introductory Week) at a location other than their home clinical unit will be informed ahead of time as to where they will be required to attend Introductory Week activities. Students with an approved overseas placement or elective commencing immediately after Introductory Week are required to develop a detailed learning plan outlining how they will make up for any sessions lost which may include engaging with online recording or other course materials. The plan must be approved by the Phase 2 Academic Lead prior to the start of Introductory Week. See Blackboard Community sites for further details.