2. Attendance and participation requirements

The MD program is full time with an expectation that students are available between the hours of 8am and 10pm, Monday to Friday which is the designated UQ teaching period. Study time is needed to prepare for interactive sessions, study, reflect and proactively gain clinical experience and skills. As an indication the expectation is of a total of at least 40 hours per week study time and students have some flexibility in terms of when self-directed study activity is completed.

Students are expected to fully participate in all required learning activities including orientation and introductory week, case-based learning (CBL), clinical coaching, practicals, tutorials, clinical placements and other structured learning activities as detailed in Appendix 1.  Some required sessions are provided online. 

Students must complete the mandatory Gross Anatomy Facility Induction in order to gain access to the Facility. This is a legislative requirement of the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1979 (Qld). Failure to complete the induction in the timeframe stipulated by the School of Biomedical Sciences will prevent a student meeting the participation requirements. 

Absence for any reason prevents participation in the program and students must ensure that they have caught up with the material missed. It is the Faculty’s responsibility to society that those graduating with a UQ MD degree have participated in the course optimally.

The Faculty acknowledges that there may be times when a student needs to take leave during the semester, therefore it is important that students take personal responsibility to manage their study life balance and plan all personal appointments, i.e. medical and dental, so they do not significantly impact participation in required learning activities (as detailed in Appendix 1).

Students are required to notify the Faculty of their absence (see Section 4) and it is also their professional responsibility to advise those affected on the day/s when they are absent (for example: advising the tutor and peers if unable to attend a Case-Based Learning or clinical coaching session). As postgraduate students, they are responsible for ensuring that they have caught up on any learning they have missed. While it may be possible in some courses to schedule a repeat of a particularly key session towards the end of semester, routine rescheduling is not available. 

It may be possible to swap timetabled sessions with another student in years 1 and 2 with prior permission of the course coordinator.

Absence at times of assessment should be avoided and if necessary, there are processes available for students with unexpected illness or misadventure on assessment days. Please see Section 4 below.  

Students who are absent and do not participate in studies for a significant period of time during a semester are likely to require an interruption of studies. This is in line with the expected participation in medical schools across Australia.

Students who are absent due to health issues are expected to focus on their recovery to health prior to returning to the demands of study in the MD Program. Support is available from the Medical Student Support Team and academic assistance and advice from Course Coordinators and Academic Guidance Leads.