All  students who conduct research as part of their UQ degree program must gain ethical approval for research. This includes medical students doing extra-curricular research and those completing an MPhil or PhD (full-time/part-time). Regardless of prior clearance from another Human Research Ethics Committee (HERC) such as a Queensland Health, or a hospital review committee, as a UQ student, you must also have UQ ethics clearance to be involved in the research.

The UQ Medicine Internal Low-Risk Ethics Review Panel has the authority to review student projects only if they;

  • involve low-risk research, or
  • hold a current ethics review clearance from another HREC

If you have clearance from another HREC, you will still need to complete the UQ ethics application form and apply for 'expedited' review through the UQ Medicine Low-Risk Ethics Review.

UQ Medicine Internal Low Risk Ethics Review Process

STEP 1: Determine if your research is Low Risk

Please ensure you understand the meaning of Low-Risk research and what it entails before you proceed with an application for internal review. This is summarised in The NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (Section 2: Chapter 2.1) - see link below. Understanding whether or not your project is Low Risk it is your responsibility.

Before applying to the UQ Medicine Internal Low-Risk Ethics Review Panel please ensure you are familiar with the following information:

If you are still in doubt as to the level of risk associated with your research after reading the above information, please contact:

STEP 2:  Fill in the application form

When you are clear that your research is low risk and can be reviewed by the UQ Medicine Internal Low Risk Ethics Review, fill in the appropriate application form from the UQ Ethics page on the Research and Innovation Division website.

STEP 3: Procedure for submission

Submit your completed UQ Ethics Application form. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you are unsure of any questions on the form or any aspect of your application seek advice before you submit.

  • Name the file as follows: Surname_UQMedicine_Internal_Ethics_Application_year_month-day
  • Do not send a hard copy of materials unless requested. After review you may be asked for further information.
  • Include all relevant documents in one Word file if possible. Relevant documents include:
    • consent forms and information sheets,
    • questionnaires specifically developed or amended for the proposed project, and
    • other recognised HREC ethics committee approvals including a copy of the full approved application and the approval letter.
  • Send your application in one file (if possible) electronically as a Word doc to​

Notes on Submission

  • The timeframe for UQ Medicine Internal review is directly dependent on the completeness and quality of your application. Every effort will be made to review and return applications within 1 week but errors or omissions will certainly delay the process.
  • Successful reviews will be assigned an ethics clearance number in a letter of approval emailed to the applicant.
  • The above process is in accordance with the NHMRC and UQ Ethics guidelines for review of low risk research. This clearance will suffice as evidence of ethical approval for future publication purposes.