On this page will be published ieQ members who are happy to be contacted about ieQ activities.

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Anyone wishing to be a member (which implies being named on this website to encourage collaborations) please contact us on email:  ieq@health.qld.gov.au .  We encourage and welcome memberships from any specialties/professions who feel they could contribute to this initiative.

1. Queensland

The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH)

Robert Horvath (infectious diseases/microbiology)

Andrew Burke (infectious diseases/respiratory)

Yong Wee (cardiology)

Lauren Shearer (cardiology)

Isuru Ranasinghe (cardiology)

Scott McKenzie (cardiology)

Wandy Chan (cardiology)

Peter Pohlner (cardio-thoracic surgery)

Rishendran Naidoo (cardio-thoracic surgery)

Peter Tesar (cardio-thoracic surgery)

David Godbolt (anatomical pathology)

Kayla Tran (anatomical pathology)

Joseph Lee (medical imaging)

Alaa Alghamry (stroke/general medicine)

Jeremy Hallyer (drug and alcohol)

Srividya Katikireddi (rheumatology)

Maithri Siriwardena (intensive care medicine)

Michael Williams (pharmacy)

Sarah Cranney (trainee)

Nethmi Wijesekera (trainee)

Earllleen Gunning (trainee- to January 2020- Mater Brisbane from 2020)




Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH)

Shradha Subeidi (infectious diseases/microbiology)

Elizabeth Catchpoole (infectious diseases/microbiology)

Keat Choong (infectious diseases)

John Blazak (medical imaging)

Andrew Dettrick (anatomical pathology)

David Holland (trainee)


Rockhampton Hospital

Rudyard Yap (infectious Diseases)


Townsville Hospital

Kimberly Oman (Infectious diseases)

Chris Heather (infectious diseases/microbiology)


Mackay Hospital

Janath De Silva (infectious diseases)


Queensland Childrens Hospital (QCH)

Clare Nourse (infectious diseases)


Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH)

Kylie Alcorn (infectious diseases)

Neelam Doshi (microbiology)

Peter Simos (trainee)


Redcliffe Hospital

Rusheng (Chris) Chew (infectious diseases)

Kevin O'Callaghan (trainee)


Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH)

Vichitra Sukumaran (infectious diseases/microbiology)


Logan Hospital

Vichitra Sukumaran (infectious diseases/microbiology)


The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH)

Jason Roberts (pharmacology)

Kanthi Vemuri (trainee)


Toowoomba Hospital

Mark Beale (infectious diseases)

Zohreh Aminzadeh Barforoushi (trainee)



Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP)

Daman Langguth (immunology)


University of Queensland (UQ)

Jason Roberts (pharmacology)


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Flavia Huygens (microbiology/biotechnology)


Bond University

Neelam Doshi (microbiology)