Extra-curricular research refers to a wide range of opportunities suitable for medical students who feel able to take on a research commitment commensurate with their interests and capabilities

  • Please remember the MD must be the priority.
  • There is no dedicated time out of the MD Program to devote to Extra-curricular research.
  • All students must fulfil all the normal requirements of the full-time MD Program. 
  • Choose the research carefully and discuss your MD responsibilities with your research supervisor to help ensure that what you commit to can be achieved in your spare time, weekends and breaks. 
  • Please choose projects that are flexible and not time critical. Wet lab research and most clinical research which involves strict timeframes are not allowed.   

PLEASE NOTE: All Extra-curricular projects that are available for students must be listed on the Student Research Portal.  

  • Use the ‘Find a Project’ button to browse the available projects on the Portal and make an enquiry.
  • Use the ‘Suggest a Project’ button to suggest a project and supervisor to be added to the Portal.