Medical Leadership Program

In medicine, everyone’s looking for an edge. It’s time to take your MD further.

The Medical Leadership Program (MLP) is a tailor-made Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership (GCBusLead) designed specifically for UQ medical students (domestic) and resident doctors in Australia.

UQ Faculty of Medicine, in partnership with UQ Business School Executive Education, developed the MLP to provide medical students and resident doctors with a pathway for gaining contextualized leadership skills. 

The MLP focuses on building your leadership skills and covers a range of topics, including service strategy, communication, negotiation, and strategic thinking. To ensure that learning outcomes are industry focused, the MLP incorporates case studies and actionable learning techniques, allowing you to work in groups to solve real business problems.

Prepare yourself for a future in leadership by acquiring the fundamental business skills required to manage your own practice or reach a medical leadership position.

Upon successfully completing the MLP, you will receive a GCBusLead postgraduate qualification in addition to your medical degree.

How to apply

Program courses

The MLP consists of the following four courses, each delivered over five days:

  • Principles of Business Management and Leadership
    As a new manager, supervisor or future leader, identify key issues and opportunities that you may face specific to the medical industry. Learn the foundational knowledge, key skills and insights required for managing individual, group and organisational challenges.
  • Strategic Analysis and Implementation
    Good strategy creates value for an organisation’s customers and captures value for the organisation and its stakeholders. Learn about key strategy analysis concepts and techniques, including industry and environmental analysis, capabilities analysis, and gap analysis. Enhance your decision-making and strategy implementation skills to design and deliver effective and relevant business solutions.
  • Service Quality and Customer Co-Creation
    Understanding how to operate in a fast-changing, technology-driven environment and how to treat patients as informed consumers is critical to developing appropriate patient care models that focus on the needs of individuals. Learn about the latest research on the five different patient types and how best to interact with each. Using innovative knowledge from world leaders in their fields, group discussions, and practical exercises, this course teaches you how to define and implement service quality in health practice.
  • Innovation Management (Special Topics in Business Leadership 1)
    A fundamental source of competitive advantage, the purpose of this course is to analyse the importance and nature of innovation and how managers can lead innovation for sustainable business growth and advantage. This course is based on robust analytical frameworks and contemporary empirical evidence on international best practice in innovation leadership.

Each course is offered once per year, allowing you to complete the MLP in as little as one year, or up to three years.


A limited number of scholarships are available.  Please check back for scholarship application information soon.

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