Research coursework in the MD

Research training and experience throughout the curriculum fosters the development of specific research skills (critical thinking, curiosity, teamwork, communication and leadership) that are complimentary to clinical practice.

Health Society and Research (HSR) comprise three courses in Phase 1 of the MD curriculum. Each course offers a complementary perspective to the understanding of health and illness that you gain in the clinical courses. The courses give you a deep understanding of how medical knowledge has developed and how evidence guides clinical practice and public health. They bring a research base to the analytic and non-analytic processes that you use in your clinical context. See the Phase 1 Handbook for more details.

Year 2 Semester 2 Elective: MEDI7281: Foundations of Medical Research is a 16-week elective course offered in semester 2 of MD Year 2 that provides students with a research placement. This elective allows students the opportunity to experience research first hand. There will be a variety of research opportunities to choose from including the collection or analysis of clinical research data; a quality or patient safety audit; designing patient information material; laboratory research; or generating or assessing clinical education tools. In most cases, students will not have the time to undertake a fully contained research project and instead will contribute to a larger ongoing project.

All information about choosing this elective will be provided by the middle of Semester 1.

Year 4 Elective: Personalised Learning Course (PLC)

The PLC in Year 4 may be used for a research activity. Students have the opportunity to undertake a new project or continue with a current research project. More details are available here