Students are required to obtain and provide evidence of a valid blue card by the first day of classes and thereafter hold a current blue card in order to be able to complete the requirements of the MD and MBBS program.

The Blue Card Check (or Working with Children Check) involves a national check of an individual's criminal history, including any charges or convictions to ascertain suitability to work in child-related employment (Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000). Eligible individuals are then issued a positive notice letter and a blue card.

Procedure for students

At least 28 days prior to the commencement of the MD Program, please submit your:

A Blue Card is valid for a length of three years from the date of application approval.

It is each students' responsibility to have the correct documentation provided to the School. Failure to act may put your enrolment in jeopardy and this may mean you are unable to graduate in the expected time frame.

Completing your form

Part C, Section 8 must be an Australian address. If you are an international student please use the School of Medicine address and update your details with the PSBA once you have confirmed accommodation in Australia.

Part E will be completed by a representative of the School of Medicine when you submit your form in person. You are not required to complete any fields in this section.

Please note it is an offence for a disqualified person to sign a blue card application form.


Visit the Blue Card Services website or email the Student Administration Office:

Telephone: +61 7 3346 9709