Effective from Semester 1, 2019 the Medicine in Society course will be split into two separate courses with different course codes:

  1. MEDI7315 Rural and Remote Medicine (RRM), and
  2. MEDI7321 Medicine in Society (MIS) 

You must undertake one of those courses as part of your MD program. By default, domestic students will undertake the Rural and Remote Medicine course, while international students will enrol in the Medicine in Society course. 

RRM Special consideration

Students have an opportunity to submit an application for RRM Special Consideration prior to preferencing placement sites.  You will be required to provide a detailed explanation of why and what is required in regard to RRM Special Consideration. Compelling reasons ONLY will be considered as justification for students to be afforded RRM Special Consideration.  Students are required to provide documentary evidence to substantiate their claim for RRM Special Consideration.  RRM Special Consideration process can be used for domestic students who find themselves in circumstances that they feel prevents them from undertaking a rural placement; students with a rural background or connection (i.e. completed TREES Observership) and may wish to complete a rural placement at a specific site; OR students seeking credit for the John Flynn Placement Program (see JFPP).

  1. Download the RRM Special Consideration guidelines and application form.
  2. Fill in the form and state whether you are seeking: 
    - Priority Placement (a specific rural placement),
    - Exemption from RRM (to complete Medicine in Society instead), or
    - Approval for a combined John Flynn Placement Program (JFPP) placement. 
  3. Compile supporting documenation
  4. Ensure your application and supporting documents are submitted by closing date
  5. Email application to med.rrmstudents@uq.edu.au 

RRM Special Consideration Closes

CCP Semester 1, 2020

CCP Semester 2, 2020

Midday, Tuesday 1 October 2019

Midday, Monday 9 March 2020

Preferencing process

You will be provided with a list of placements that will be available in your course and in your allocated placement block.  If you are undertaking the Comprehensive Clinical Practice (CCP) semester in the first half of 2020, you will be required to submit your preferences for RRM/MiS in October 2019. Alternatively, if you are undertaking CCP in Semester 2 you will required to submit your preferences in March 2020.

As is the case with preferencing for your clinical unit, you will need to log into Placements to rank the available placements in your preferred order.

If you are an international student and plan to undertake your placement in a rural setting in your home country, you are still required to preference for a metropolitan placement.  You will initially be allocated to a metropolitan placement, but once your international rural placement has been approved the metropolitan placement will be removed.

There are no restrictions on the placements you can choose in the preferencing process, as these placements are not tied to your clinical unit allocation for other courses.

Preferencing Dates


CCP Semester 1, 2020

CCP Semester 2, 2020

Preferencing Opens

Midday, Monday 30 September 2019

Midday, Monday 9 March 2020

Preferencing Closes

Midday, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Midday, Monday 16 March 2020

Release of allocations

Midday, Friday 25 October 2019

Midday, Monday 30 March 2020

Extended Placement Program

This is an opportunity to spend more time in a rural location by undertaking back to back placements in either Semester 1: Placement 1&2 or Semester 2: Placement 4&5 for the Year 3 General Practice and Rural & Remote Medicine placements. Domestic Students can self select to be part of the program but must be in good academic standing, be from a rural background, or with a demonstrated keen interest in rural and primary care. 

2020 Extended Placement Program Applications open: Midday Tuesday 7 May 2019

2020 Extended Placement Program Applications close: Midday Monday 3 June 2019

Please see the EPP information flyer and EPP Information booklet for further details or contact Rural & Remote Medicine Team Lead Clare Butters via email: med.rrmstudents@uq.edu.au or by phone (07) 4633 9705. 

To apply, complete the attached Application form and email to med.rrmstudents@uq.edu.au.

For a first hand insight into the Extended Placement Program, check out Travis' story here.