Overview of the Allocation Process

The Faculty of Medicine has established the Phase 2 Allocation Process to manage and support the clinical training for students in Phase 2 of their program.  The Phase 2 Allocation Process is designed to facilitate the equitable distribution of students in Clinical Placements throughout the Academic Year and across all available Clinical Units.

We have reviewed the way in which you are allocated to your placements in Phase 2, and from 2019 we will allocate you to a “home” clinical unit where you will undertake the majority of your placements.  You will be part of a relatively small group of students at that site who will follow a similar sequence of placements across the year. We expect over the year that you will gain a good sense of the hospital in which you are working, as well as its staff, layout, facilities and culture, and we hope that will give you a better sense of belonging, both to the hospital and your peer group.

To facilitate this, the Faculty has developed  “pathways” - the sequence of placements that one student will take across the entire year. It is important to note that the number of pathways that are made available each year is dependent on operational requirements, and individual offerings may be subject to minor changes. The propsoed Year 3 and Year 4 offerings are provided each year,  to give you an idea of the likely sequences of placements available at different clinical units, the number of students at each unit, and the likely distribution of students across the different hospitals within the unit (if applicable). 

Each year, students will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for allocations via the UQ Placements system. Further information on what, when and how to submit your prerefences can be found here: 

Year 3

Year 4

Click here to access the Placements System

Clinical Units

Students will have the opportunity to nominate their preference (rank order) for allocation to a Clinical Unit.  

Clinical Unit

Bundaberg Clinical Unit ^

Greenslopes Clinical Unit

Hervey Bay Clinical Unit ^

Ipswich Clinical Unit

Mater Clinical Unit

Northside Clinical Unit (The Prince Charles Hospital)

PA-Southside Clinical Unit

Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit

Rockhampton Clinical Unit ^

Toowoomba Clinical Unit ^

^ international students will not be allocated to a Rural Clinical School site. To facilitate this, students must preference these Clinical Units last.  

Special Consideration

Students should read this information in conjunction with the Allocations Guidelines and Timeline.

Students may have a circumstance that will impact on their ability to undertake placements at a specific site or semester order. This is known as Special Consideration, and allows the student to apply to be assigned to a placement through a process that is separate to the usual method of Phase 2 placement allocation. The Special Consideration process will open prior to the start of allocation preferencing.

All applications for Special Consideration must be supported by evidence, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and will be made at the sole discretion of the Faculty. While the Faculty will make every attempt to cater to a special consideration application, approval cannot be guaranteed. If approved for special consideration, students must still submit their preferences in Placements.

The following will be considered grounds for Special Consideration:

  • Have a medical condition requiring specialised treatment or care that is only available at a designated location. Students must provide evidence (for example, a medical certificate) to support their application.
  • Have a medical condition which amounts to a temporary disability, and cannot be properly supported at a specific Clinical Unit.
  • Have an approved UQ Student Access Plan (SAP) that will impact on their ability to undertake one or more placements.  Students should indicate that they have such a current SAP in place.  This will be confirmed by the Course Coordinator(s).  No personal details or information will be disclosed or requested.
  • Be recognised under PPL 3.50.07 Programs and Assessment for Elite Athletes.
  • Have principal/primary carer responsibilities.
  • Be undertaking a Research Higher Degree at UQ in accordance with the program rules relating to concurrent enrolment in a Research Higher Degree.
  • Have evidence supporting approval of, or application for, an away placement during a defined clinical placement block^.  Special consideration allows for allocation to a specific placement block, academic approval must still be sought.
  • Have been approved, have applied, or expect to apply to undertake an international medical licensing examination.

^ Remember, students still must apply and receive academic approval to undertake an away placement. Being approved special consideration does not constitute academic approval.

The following will not be considered grounds for Special Consideration:

  • Private accommodation and/or transportation arrangements;
  • Financial considerations (including current employment and/or business arrangements);
  • Location of partner or family (except where special consideration has been approved due to carer responsibilities)
  • Family celebrations and/or social events (for example, weddings and birthdays);
  • Religious grounds

2020 Special Consideration applications open: Midday Tuesday 7 May 2019

2020 Special Consideration applications close: Midday Monday 3 June 2019

Allocation Swaps

Students are able to submit one request to swap their allocated pathway, by emailing med.placements@uq.edu.au during the allocated swap period (12pm Monday 29 July – 12pm Friday 9 August 2019).

It is important to note that students are responsible for finding their own swaps and the Faculty will not be facilitating this process.

Students are required to swap their entire allocation for the year and are NOT able to swap part of their pathway and/or individual placements within the year. 

Before submitting a request to swap, students should ensure that they have read the relevant section in the Allocation Guidelines.

Students should email med.placements@uq.edu.au with the name and student ID of both students involved in the swap. The email should be sent by one of the students only and both students will be advised once the swap has been processed.

Reallocation of Placements - Year 4 (Ochsner and Onshore)

The Faculty recognises that circumstances exist for some students that results in them wishing to spend more time in Australia (for Ochsner students) or in Ochsner (for Onshore students) during Year 4. As a result of the feedback received, the Faculty has developed new guidelines that will facilitate this process. The eligibility criteria and application process are outlined in these Guidelines. 

It is important to note that the Guidelines are applicable to Year 4 only.

If you have any queries related to the guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the Placements Team (med.placements@uq.edu.au).

Placements System - Student Handbook

Each year, students will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for allocations. Information on how to preference in the Placements system can be found in the Placements System - Student Handbook 

Placements is a University wide system for managing your program related placement activities. Placements will allow students to manage and view all placement related tasks and schedules in one location. 

Students will lodge their preferences via the “to do” list that will display on their home screen.   There will be a separate page for each preference type relevant to each year.  For example, Clinical Unit and Semester Order for Year 3.

Year 3 - one page will display Clinical Units and another will display semester order.  Students will be able to rank order their preferences by dragging up/down or using the arrow buttons.

Click here to access the Placements System