UQ assists visiting students with medical elective placements. UQ Medicine defines visiting students as those who are seeking to complete a medical elective placements through UQ while they are enrolled at another institution within Queensland, interstate, or external to Australia. 

Medical elective placements of four to eight weeks in duration are available to all Queensland, interstate and international medical students who have completed at least one semester of clinical training.

UQ has multiple agreements in place giving us the authority to coordinate medical elective placements in locations extending from the New South Wales state border through to, and including, Rockhampton. Any medical electives north of Rockhampton are administered by James Cook University



The placements are available for electives only and are not to be considered as an intricate assessed placement. UQ may extend opportunities for visiting students to attend tutorials, but will not provide summative assessment or formal teaching sessions for your approved elective placement.

In order to be eligible for offer of an elective placement students must provide evidence and meet minimum requirements for the following:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.5 on a 7 point scale.  Do not be concerned if your home insitution does use this scale as we will convert your score to the appropriate scale
  • Minimum English Proficiency equivalent to an overall band score of 7 on an IELTS test.  Other tests are able to be supplied, your rank will be converted to the IELTS banding
  • Immunity to Hepatitis B, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Varicella (Chicken Pox), Tubercolosis, Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • Applicants will also need to provide evidence that they have been screened for and are free from blood-borne infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C as well as HIV
  • Eligibility for a Queensland Blue Card
  • Payment of required fees and charges

We offer placements in a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines and will try to accommodate your first preference where possible. UQ cannot guarantee the availability of clinical placements.

Important Note for Queensland Medical Students

  • Students from Bond University, Griffith University and James Cook University wishing to apply for an elective at one of UQ's teaching hospitals must do so through The University of Queensland. This is to prevent hospital departments from being overloaded with students.

  • Queensland students, and those from selected partner institutions, will not be required to pay application or placement fees. 

Enquiries please contact: med.placements@uq.edu.au

Application process

Next application block for placements between May 2019 - June 2020 will open on 3rd February 2019 and close on 17th February 2019.

1. Preparation before submitting your application

Obtain the documentation to submit with your application:

  • Official academic transcript (with a certified English translation if the original is not in English) Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5 on a 7 point scale and a grading schema
  • Completed Medical Elective Authorisation Form authorised by your educational institution
  • When English is not a native language, students must provide a minimum English proficiency equivalent to an overall band score of 7 on an International English Language Testing Scheme (IELTS) for academic study or equivalent test e.g. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Compliance with Queensland Health vaccination requirements by the completion of the Student Immunisation Record. The form must be completed and signed by a medical practitioner.
  • A current Blue Card or a completed Blue Card Application Form and Confirmation of Identity form.
  • The initial application fee of AU$100.00

2. Pay the initial application fee of AU$100.00

3. Complete and submit the online application and attach supporting documentation

4. If successful in securing a placement, you will receive a Letter of Offer. You must confirm acceptance of this offer within 7 calendar days of receipt and pay the placement fee of AU$1,000.00

5. On receipt of your acceptance and AU$1,000.00 you will be sent an email outlining the Post Acceptance documentation

6. Complete within 21 Calendar days, the Post Acceptance documentation and submit to med.placements@uq.edu.au 

Post Acceptance Documentation includes:

  • Student Deed Poll
  • Queensland Health Orientation Checklist - This is a requirement and must be completed in conjunction with reading all student orientation requirements on the Queensland Health website.  
  • Certificate of Currency for both Public Liability (coverage must amount to $20 million per occurrence for public liability) and Medical Indemnity (coverage must amount to $10 million per occurrence for medical indemnity insurance) insurance 
    • It is a requirement for all overseas and interstate elective students to provide evidence of Medical Indemnity AND Public Liability insurance cover for their full elective placement period. This coverage may be provided by your University as an extension of their own policies.  If you University does not provide you with insurance cover, you can organise this through an alternative insurance organisation.  

7. If your application and supporting documents are satisfactory you will receive confirmation that your applications is complete.   

8. Students will contact the Clinical Unit (contact details on Letter of Offer) as soon as possible but no later than two weeks prior to your placement start date. The Clinical Unit will provide you with a Clinical Unit Guide to help you prepare for your placement and provide you with details of where you need to be on the first day of your placement.

Enquiries please contact: med.placements@uq.edu.au


Available locations and disciplines

UQ Medicine offers placements in a wide range of disciplines at Queensland Health Hospitals throughout South East Queensland.

Download the latest placement locations and disciplines (PDF, 213.6 KB) [PDF, 319KB]

Refunds and cancellations

All applicants (with the exception of those studying at a Queensland medical school or selected students from a partner university) will be required to pay a non-refundable AUD$100 registration fee which will need to be paid once the online application has been completed. In addition to this, a AUD$1000 placement fee will be need to be paid once an applicant accepts a clinical placement.

Please note: we will not be able to continue processing your application or confirmation of a clinical placement until all the required payment receipts are received.

The AUD$100 registration fee is non-refundable whether you are able to be offered a placement or we are unable to match you to a suitable discipline, site and time.  There is no avenue of appeal in relation to this.  Applications are accepted on the understanding that students realise that a refund is not possible.

If the student must cancel their application for any reason before being offered a placement, The University of Queensland will withhold the AUD$100.00 registration fee to cover the processing costs.

After accepting an offered placement the AUD$1000 placement fee will be charged and is non-refundable.

Enquiries please contact: med.placements@uq.edu.au


Prior to Application/General Info

What is the Inbound Elective Program?

The Inbound Elective program is available to students who are enrolled at another institution within Queensland, interstate and internationally who have completed one semester of clinical training and would like to undertake a medical elective within a Queensland hospital. UQ has multiple agreements in place giving us the authority to coordinate medical elective placements in locations extending from the New South Wales border through to and including Rockhampton. 

Can I arrange my own placement?

No. Applicants are not permitted to contact hospitals or medical professionals directly to make elective placement arrangements. All applications and offers must be done via the inbound electives program. This is to prevent hospital departments from becoming overloaded with students.  Attempts to organise placements outside of this process may lead to the withdrawal of your application.  

What are the minimum requirements that I must meet to be eligible to be considered for an elective placement?

You must have completed at least one semester of clinical training, have received a 7.0 on the IELTS examination, have a GPA of no less than 4.5 on a 7 point scale and proof of Immunisation. 

I am an International student; what Visa do I need?

If you are from overseas, you are required to apply for a visa to enter Australia. The University of Queensland, Faculty of Medicine cannot provide any advice to international students regarding the type of visa required. Any queries regarding visas must be directed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection: www.border.gov.au

It is the student's obligation to ensure they have the correct visa for the placement.

Can I apply at any time throughout the year?

The next block of placements will open on 3rd February 2019 for placements commencing in May 2019 through to June 2020.  

Applications received outside of these timeframes will not be processed

If I am travelling with someone else will we be placed at the same hospital?

We will attempt to place students travelling as a group together but this cannot be guaranteed. Please make a note of who you are travelling with in the last section of the online application form.

Am I guaranteed a placement?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee placements.

How long is the elective placement for?

Clinical elective placements are a minimum of 4 weeks up to a maximum of 8 weeks’ duration

Do all of my documents need to be in English?

Yes, all supporting documents must be in English.

If I am at another Queensland University do I still need to apply?

Yes, students from all other Queensland Universities need to apply and are required to submit all required documentation excluding the criminal history check. Queensland students are also exempt from any application and placement fees.

What fees are associated with applying for this program?

There is a non-refundable AUD$100 registration fee which will need to be paid once the online application has been completed.

In addition, a AUD$1000 placement fee will need to be paid once a clinical placement has been accepted.

If I don’t get offered a placement will my registration fee be refunded?

No, the AUD$100 registration fee is a non-refundable.

Will I get a UQ student card?

Elective students do not pay UQ university tuition fees so are not eligible for a UQ student card or student number. You will receive a hospital card which cannot be used as a student card.

Is there accommodation supplied?

Students need to arrange their own accommodation.  Suggestions for accommodation can be provided upon request.  

What happens once I submit my application?

Once we have received your application we will send an acknowledgment email. It can take 10-12 weeks to process the application. This may take longer depending on staffing demands

Who will let me know if I have a placement?

A letter of offer will be sent electronically by the Faculty of Medicine Electives officer once a placement has been found. Applicants then have 7 days to either accept or decline the placement offer.

If I get an offer but it’s not what I really want can I be made a different offer?

No, only one offer will be made to each applicant. Should this offer be declined, no further offers will be made and the application will be deemed to be withdrawn. You will not be refunded your application fee.

Am I eligible for student concession on public transport?

TransLink policy states that only students who are enrolled full-time in a Queensland University are eligible for a concession on public transport. If you are a student from an interstate/international university you will not be eligible for student concession on Public Transport.  Your student ID card from your home country will not be accepted on public transport here.

What if I am sick and have to have time off?

If you are away sick for 2 or more days, you will be required to provide a doctor's certificate. You will also need to advise your Hospital Coordinator if you are unable to attend your elective.


What is a blue card and why do I need it?

It is a Queensland wide policy that people wishing to work with children must hold a current blue card. If you are doing a Paediatrics placement you will be required to apply for a blue card.

Blue cards are issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian once it has carried out the Working with Children Check to see if a person is eligible to work in the areas of child-related work covered by the Commission's Act. If a person is eligible, they are issued a positive notice letter and a blue card.

It is a detailed national criminal history check includes:

  • any charge or conviction for an offence, whether or not a conviction is recorded whether a person is a respondent to or subject to an application for a child protection prohibition order or disqualification order, or
  • whether a person is subject to reporting obligations under the Child Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004.

Please note it is an offence to sign a blue card application if you are a disqualified person.

Who can sight my identification to complete my Blue Card application?

If you are more than 50 km from The University of Queensland you will also require an Identification Verification form to be completed by a prescribed person. These are:

  • Justice of Peace
  • Commissioner for declarations
  • Lawyer
  • Police Officer

Please ensure they sign, date and stamp (if relevant) Identification Verification form.

Do I need to provide an official academic record/transcript?

Yes. A Transcript or Academic record is a university certification that confirms what courses you have completed and your grades achieved thus far in your medical studies. The record needs to be verified/ certified by your school. Your GPA must be no less than 4.5 on a 7 point scale. If your institution uses a different grading scale, please provide a written explanation of your grades.

How do I prove my English level skills? Is TOEFL or IELTS required?

Yes, IELTS is required and your score must be a minimum of 7.0.  Please provide certification or a letter from your school that confirms your level of English spoken and written. 

What happens if I can’t get all of the documentation that is required?

Your application will not be processed until all required supporting documents are provided. Please contact the Electives coordinator if you are having trouble acquiring any of these documents.

What is MIPS? Why do I need it? And where do I get it from?

MIPS stands for Medical Indemnity Protection Society who can provide free indemnity insurance to medical students. Whilst at one of The University of Queensland teaching Hospital doing an elective placement you will not be enrolled as a student of The University of Queensland and you will not be covered by the University's insurance. You must therefore arrange your own personal accident insurance, health insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance. If these requirements are not met, you will not be allowed to commence your elective placement.

Can the school complete a form required by my University once I do my elective?

Yes, this form can be completed to confirm your attendance and can include you have the same rights and responsibilities as a local student. We cannot provide a graded assessment.

Enquiries please contact: med.placements@uq.edu.au


International students

Visa information

If you are from overseas you may be required to apply for a visa to enter Australia.

The University of Queensland cannot provide information to international students regarding visas. For more information about the type of visa you require, or the conditions of your visa, please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Please note: The University of Queensland will not act as a sponsor for students who wish to undertake their elective in Queensland.

It is the student's obligation to ensure they have the correct visa for the placement.

English Language Proficiency

If English is not your first language, it is necessary for you to provide certification or proof of English Language proficiency. This certification may be requested once your online application has been received and assessed. If requested, this document will be required to accompany your application for an elective placement.

UQ accepts the following assessments as proof of English Language proficiency:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Overall Band Score of 7 AND a minimum score of 7 in each sub-band of writing, reading, speaking and listening. 
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Internet based test: minimum score 100 OR Paper based test: minimum score 600
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE): Minimum score 72