UQ provides students the opportunity to undertake a clinical experience outside of their allocated clinical site. Students are eligible to complete up to two rotations during Phase 2 at a non-UQ location. Students are responsible for sourcing these placements themselves. 

Every institution has specific criterion that students must meet before undertaking a medical placement. Students must ensure that they can comply with all requirements before applying, as significant costs could occur. The Faculty of Medicine can assist in certain aspects of host institution requirements, but the responsiblity remains with the student. 

Approved disciplines for non-pre-approved locations

Away rotations flow chart

Important note for students on placement selection

  • Students are advised NOT to make any travel arrangements until the final approval has been granted.
  • Students are responsible for contacting any proposed teaching institution and for seeking agreement that a teaching program will be available consistent with the published Learning Objectives and Goals.
  • Students are required to establish that supervision will be provided.
  • UQ students are covered for Travel insurance while undertaking placements at non-UQ locations.The Student Administration team will advise the student of the relevant forms to complete prior to the rotation to be covered for UQ's insurance.


Students are able to seek placement intrastate, interstate, and internationally. If you are unsure where to look first, the following resources may be helpful. 

  • Visit the UQMS electives database for student reviews of domestic and international locations.
  • For international opportunities available in non pre-approved locations, please view a list of our international partners
  • The School has compiled a list of sites where students have previously been successful in obtaining a signed SPA. Click here to view locations. 
  • The GHLO® Collaborative allows you to search and apply for clinical, research, and public health opportunities in the GHLO application service. 

Guidelines for approval

Students will be assessed for placement based on:

  1. learning objectives as per the Electronic course profile (ECP)
  2. Grade Point Average (GPA) - an appropriate GPA must be maintained at the time of application and prior to the start of the rotation as per the program guidelines
  3. misconduct history - misconduct history must be clear at the time of application, and prior to undertaking rotation
  4. previous away rotations - students are eligible to take up to two clinical rotations (or part thereof) at a non-UQ location within Phase 2 of the program
  5. passed USMLE Step 1 - Ochsner only

If a student has passed the above checks they will be advised of the proper application process and materials necessary to undertake placement outside of UQ


Pending complete application materials students will receive approval to undertake placement at a non-UQ site. The approval timeline can take several weeks to complete. 

  • Approval is final on the provision that students pass a final GPA, misconduct check, and away rotation check closer to placement date
  • Upon approval students will receive further information regarding requirements and responsibilities while on placement

For further information please consult the Student Mobility Guidelines

Application materials

Applications must be submitted no later than 12 weeks prior to the start of the rotation to be taken away. 

Students must submit the following materials:

  • Application form for away rotation
  • Confirmation of placement from the host institution in the form of a Letter of Acceptance. The letter must be on letterhead and signed by the supervising consultant.
  • Weekly timetable of activities to be undertaken during placement, or other evidence of the course and/or placement learning. 

Important note on the Student Placement Agreement

The student placement agreement, or other contract is a UQ requirement for students to undertake a clinical placement. In prior years, students have sourced these agreements themselves. From 2017, the Faculty of Medicine will arrange each SPA on behalf of students applying for an away rotation. Please note that an application for an away rotation will not be approved until a relevant SPA has been fully executed. 

NOTE: The University of Queensland, with the help of the Faculty of Medicine has recently adopted the AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement as a standard UQ document. Students are encourage to seek placements at institutions that have also adopted this template. The purpose of the AAMC template agreement is for contract negotiations to be more simplified between the Host and the Home institution when arranging student placements. 

Additional supporting documents

Sometimes, placement providers require additional documents to support a placement. These may include:

  • A 'Letter of Good Standing' - contact the Clinical Units and Placements (med.clinicaladmin@uq.edu.au) team for the relevant documentation.
  • Centrelink letters - these can be provided to students by emailing the Clinical Units and Placements team (med.clinicaladmin@uq.edu.au).

Approval deadlines

Applications are assessed on a rolling basis; however, applications must be received no later than 12 weeks prior to the start of the rotation to be take away. 

Rotation Dates

Application Deadline

Rotation 1 (9 January 2017 -- 3 March 2017)

24 October 2016

Rotation 2 (13 March 2017 – 5 May 2017)

2 January 2017

Rotation 3 (15 May 2017 – 7 July 2017)

27 February 2017

Rotation 4 (17 July 2017 – 8 September 2017)

24 April 2017

Rotation 5 (18 September 2017 – 10 November 2017)

26 June 2017