Year 3 students are required to submit their preferences for clinical sites. General information about the process can be found here.

Preferencing guides

Students can access an online step by step process for submitting their preferences for their 2017 allocations.Please click on the relevant link below to get advice on how to preference:

Special consideration

Before submitting an application for special consideration, please ensure that you have read the relevant section in the Allocation Guidelines. Please ensure that you upload supporting documentation at the time of application. Applications will be assessed in line with the policy articulated in the Allocation guideline. If there is no supporting documentation included applications will be refused.

Important notes:

  • Applications for special consideration are now closed and will open from 10-24 April 2017. Late applications will only be considered where a student can demonstrate extenuating circumstances have arisen after the due date or prevented submission by the due date.
  • Students who have applied for Special Consideration in the past will need to apply again. Special Consideration does not carry over from one year to the next.

Apply for special consideration from 10-24 April 2017

Allocation swaps

Students are permitted to submit a one only request to swap their allocations with another student during the specified swap period. Part swaps are not permitted. Students are required to swap entire rotation order and/or location when submitting a request. 

Before submitting a request to swap students should ensure that they have read the relevant section in the Allocation guidelines.

We are aware that individual circumstances can change during the year and outside of any designated swap period.  For this students can submit a request for Late Special Consideration.  Applications will be considered in line with the Allocation guidelines for special consideration.

Students must complete the following swap form :

Swap Request Application Form

The form should be completed by one of the students only and both students will receive a copy of the request to their official UQ student emails.

Due to specific site requirements, students wishing to swap O&G and currently allocated to either QEII or Wesley can only swap with a student of the same gender.

Swaps must be pre-arranged between students.  The Phase II team cannot assist in finding a swap for students.

Year 4 North American onshore International students may swap their entire Rotation Order outside their allocated hospital site/Region with students of the same cohort or domestic students, in order to facilitate sitting the MCCEEE and USMLE examinations.  We are not able to guarantee fulfilment of any request.

Medicine in Society rotation

This information is only valid for your Medicine in Society Rotation.

Medicine in Society: Stream A - Rural and Remote Medicine is only available to domestic students and is focused on clinical practice in the rural context.

Medicine in Society: Stream B - International Rural and Remote Medicine is only open to international students.