Clinical placements provide students with the opportunity to apply their studies as well as acquire further knowledge, skills and experience required to become a safe and competent medical practitioner.  Over the course of the medical program, students undertake a range of placements in a variety of healthcare settings. 

2019 Phase 2 Allocations

The Faculty of Medicine has established the Phase 2 Allocation Process to manage and support the clinical training for students in Phase 2 of their program.  The Phase 2 Allocation Process is designed to facilitate the equitable distribution of students in Clinical Placements throughout the Academic Year and across all available Clinical Units.

We have reviewed the way in which you are allocated to your placements in Phase 2, and from 2019 we will allocate you to a “home” clinical unit where you will undertake the majority of your placements.  You will be part of a relatively small group of students at that site who will follow a similar sequence of placements across the year. We expect over the year that you will gain a good sense of the hospital in which you are working, as well as its staff, layout, facilities and culture, and we hope that will give you a better sense of belonging, both to the hospital and your peer group.

To facilitate this, the Faculty has developed a number of “offerings” – single distinct paths that one student will take across the year. It is important to note that the number of offerings that are made available each year is dependent on operational requirements, and individual offerings may be subject to minor changes. The Year 3 and Year 4 offerings are provided to give you a clear idea of the likely sequences of placements available at different clinical units, the number of students at each unit, and the likely distribution of students across the different hospitals within the unit (if applicable). 

Each year, students will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for allocations via the UQ Placements system. Further information on what, when and how to submit your prerefences can be found here: 

Year 3 Preferencing and Allocations

Year 4 Preferencing and Allocations

Placements Management System


Optional electives

The purpose of the Optional Electives Program is to provide medical students with an avenue to gain additional clinical or research experience. 

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Year 1 Observership

The MD Observership takes place at the end of year 1. It allows students to gain exposure to the practice of medicine in a clinical healthcare, research or community setting prior to the Clinical Rotations phase of the program in years 3 and 4.

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Inbound Clinical Placements

UQ assists visiting students with medical elective placements. UQ Medicine defines visiting students as those who are seeking to complete a medical elective placements through UQ while they are enrolled at another institution within Queensland, interstate, or external to Australia. 

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Key Contacts

The Faculty of Medicine – Placement Team

Location:         Level 5, Oral Health Centre, Herston

Phone:             +61 7 3346 4922