2019 Phase 2 Allocations

Placements provide students with the opportunity to apply their studies as well as acquire further knowledge, skills and experience required to become a safe and competent medical practitioner.  Over the course of the medical program, students undertake a range of placements in a variety of healthcare settings. 

Key Contacts

The Faculty of Medicine – Placement Team

Location:         Level 5, Oral Health Centre, Herston

Phone:             +61 7 336 4922

Email:             med.placements@uq.edu.au 

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Optional electives

The purpose of the Optional Electives Program is to provide medical students with an avenue to gain additional clinical or research experience. 

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Year 1 Observership

The MD Observership takes place at the end of year 1. It allows students to gain exposure to the practice of medicine in a clinical healthcare, research or community setting prior to the Clinical Rotations phase of the program in years 3 and 4.

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Inbound Clinical Placements

UQ assists visiting students with medical elective placements. UQ Medicine defines visiting students as those who are seeking to complete a medical elective placements through UQ while they are enrolled at another institution within Queensland, interstate, or external to Australia. 

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2018 Phase 2 Allocations

In 2018 Phase 2, students are allocated to clinical sites to complete their ten core clinical rotations. Each rotation is eight weeks in duration and will give students an introduction to each discipline and a strong foundation which will allow progression to postgraduate training. Students will have the opportunity to submit preferences for their preferred clinical school and rotation order. There are also opportunities for students  to do "away rotations" at sites other than their allocated clinical school, including at UQ partner clinical schools or other international sites to further enhance learning.

Students should familiarise themselves with their program requirements and the Student Charter as well as the expected student conduct on placements.

The courses and programs website contains all information relevant for enrolling, program rules and any other information relevant to the program of study that you are enrolled in

Year 3 students are required to submit preferences for the clinical sites in which they would like to undertake their placement.

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Year 4 students are required to submit preferences for the clinical region in which they would like to undertake their placement.

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