With Phase 1 of the MD program the timetable is derived from your Case Base Learning class/group (CBL). Your CBL will be made up with 10 students per CBL group which will equate to 50 different CBL groups for both year 1 and year 2 of the MD program. In order to obtain an equitable balance of students in all CBL groups, there are limitations on the number male to female students per class as well as domestic to international students.

To find a CBL group that you would like to sign-on to, please click on either the 2018 Year 1 or 2018 Year 2 link below to search the groups and their respective classes. At sign-on you will only be required to sign-on to the CBL class. All of the other classes associated to the CBL group you sign-on to will be added to your timetable by the Faculty of Medicine. As sign-on is competitive it may be beneficial to have more than one option when you go to sign-on, as classes may fill up quickly.

To assist with the sign-on process please have a look at the University of Queensland sign-on guide web page.

Please note: These timetables are an indicative timetable as some class may change. Also, not all classes have been timetabled.