This document (General Assessment Guidelines – MD/MBBS Program) provides guidelines for staff and students in relation to those aspects of assessment that are common across all courses in Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 of the MD/MBBS program, and which are not specifically described in the my.UQ website.

UQ policies and guidelines regarding the conduct of assessment and examinations are available on the my.UQ website under “Manage My Program” and described fully in the Policy and Procedures Library (PPL).

As required by UQ PPL, electronic course profiles (ECP) contain the definitive statement on assessment matters related to a particular course. This includes the types and weighting of assessment, the grading methods, late submission and non-submission penalties, and a statement about whether or not supplementary assessment is available and the nature of the supplementary assessment where relevant. The specific details for each assessment item in each course will then be detailed further on the course Blackboard site.

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with assessment information and processes provided in the ECP, the my.UQ website and this document (See Figure 1).

Relationship between assessment information sources

Figure 1: Relationship between assessment information sources