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BYOD Guidelines

External Overseas Examinations

Scope of External Overseas Assessments

End of semester written assessments that are timetabled in the examination week are able to be undertaken at an overseas examination venue.  The examination venue will be sourced by UQ staff – this will no longer be the responsibility of the student.  

The following assessments are specifically excluded from being undertaken at an overseas examination venue*:

  • Clinical or oral assessments that occur at any time, including during clinical placements, during designated assessment periods, or as supplementary or deferred assessments.
  • The Phase 2 OSCE examination. Students will be required to undertake this assessment at a UQ clinical site in Queensland at a time as specified by the Chief Examiner. In most cases, however, students who are eligible for external assessments will be permitted to defer their attempt of the Phase 2 OSCE if it falls within the same examination period.  Students must note the Phase 2 OSCE will only be held twice per year (mid-year and end of year).  If students defer their attempt due to sitting their other examinations overseas, there will be reduced opportunities to attempt this prior to graduation.

*In accordance with PPL 3.10.11 Examinations, section 5.6.1

These guidelines are not applicable to Ochsner students. 

Overseas Assessments at the Ochsner Clinical School

Onshore students who wish to undertake their examinations at the Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans will be subject to the same eligibility criteria and application requirements outlined below.  Onshore students may also be considered as part of their application for Special Consideration.

NOTE: Students who are approved to undertake their exams at the Ochsner Clinical School are not required to pay a fee, as this constitutes an official University of Queensland venue. 

Criteria for Student Eligibility

Students who meet the following criteria will be considered for approval for external overseas examinations:

  • Onshore students with approved international placements or elective in Block 3 or 6; OR
  • Onshore students with an approved international placement or elective in Block 4 who have a deferred or supplementary written exam for a semester 1 course

The following students would not usually be eligible:

  • Students who are on away placements or elective placements within Australia, OR
  • Students who are based in Queensland/Australia in Block 3, but are undertaking an overseas placement in Block 4; OR
  • Students who are based in Queensland/Australia in Block 3 or 6, but wish to travel overseas (e.g. home) during the revision week. 

Application Information

All applications must be submitted directly to the Faculty of Medicine, using the application form listed below. Please do not apply through the UQ Central process.

Application Timeline

Semester 1:        Closes Monday, 13 April 2020 (midday)

Semester 2:        Open for the month of August

Apply Here 

Payment Details

Students are required to pay a set fee of $300 per end of semester examination block. This payment is non-refundable and must be made within 2 business days of receiving approval from the Faculty. If payment is not received within 2 business days, approval will be rescinded. 

Please ensure that you do not pay the fee until your application has been approved.

Pay Here

Fatigue and Rural Road Safety Guideline

Phase 2 Allocation Guidelines, Timeline and Handbook

Student image ID

Use of student ID image

In accordance with PPL3.40.08 Access to Students Images, the Faculty of Medicine will use your ID image for identification purposes directly related to your student enrolment. These purposes may include, but are not limited to:

  • for specific identification purposed directly related to your enrolment (for example, placements, hospital identification cards)
  • for reasons of student and patient safety
  • for the purpose of pastoral care and enhancing the learning and teaching experience, for example, through the production of reference sheets that allow academic staff to more effectively identify and provide assistance to students
  • for other reasonable purposes where the signed consent of the students concerned has been obtained.

Your image will be accessed by Faculty staff, staff of hospital departments, and other clinical placement sites.  All images will be kept private, and will not be published in a public setting. Where there is a specific requirement from a placement organisation that student images be on display in a public area, you will be asked to agree to that use of your images as part of accepting the placement.

All images provided for the above purposes will be deleted upon graduation, or exit from the program.

If you wish to lodge an appeal regarding the use of your image, you can do so in accordance with PPL 3.60.02 Student Grievance Resolution (https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/3.60.02-student-grievance-resolution).

Year 1 Observership

Please find below the Guidelines for the 2019 cohort for the Year 1 Observership:

Student Conduct

During your training, you are an ambassador for UQ Medicine and your conduct will be on show to preceptors, their clinical and scientific colleagues, patients and members of the general public. To assist you to display the highest possible professional conduct throughout your clinical training, please click on the button below:

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