As a UQ medical student you are required to complete a number of compulsory annual program requirements. Some of the associated tasks can be done well in advance, while others cannot be completed until your enrolment becomes active, or you are on campus in Brisbane.

It is important that you read the information below carefully and ensure that you provide all documentation by the posted deadlines. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the student administration team ( 

Year 1 Please upload the below requirements onto the Year 1 Community Blackboard site.  

Year 2 and Phase 2  If you have any annual requirements to update (e.g. CPR or First Aid) please email these directly to

6. Inherent Requirements

The Inherent Requirements for Studying Medicine in Australia and New Zealand has been developed by Medical Deans for use in professional entry level medical training with the aim of providing the greatest access for students with a disability while ensuring safe clinical training.

The inherent requirements have been categorised under the four domains of the course learning outcomes for medical programs produced by the Australian Medical Council. The document specifies the requirements of pre-registration medical training rather than medical practice and sets out what a medical student is expected to demonstrate and how a student will be assessed at entry and during the medical course.

The Faculty of Medicine is a strong supporter of these guidelines, therefore it is a requirement that all students acknowledge that they have read and understood the guidelines on commencing the MD program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your ability to meet the Inherent Requirements for the MD Program, please contact Angela Brandenburg, Student Academic Support Lead: Phase 1 for guidance. Email:

When to complete this task:

It is highly recommended that you read and understand the guidelines as soon as possible after accepting your offer into the MD program to ensure that you have enough time to obtain advice if needed. It is important that you have read and understand the guidelines as soon as possible and prior to the commencement of semester one, year one. 

Step by step instructions to complete this task:

  1. Read and understand the Inherent Requirements for Studying Medicine in Australia and New Zealand.  If you require guidance please contact Angela Brandenburg, Academic Support Lead (Phase 1)  
  2. Complete the Blackboard Commitment survey.  If you require any assistance please contact