We are pleased to announce ieQs inaugural Research Day.

When:  To Be advised. Provisionally 0700 to 1300 QLD time.

What:  Video-conference/meeting from TPCH.

Cost:   Free


This Meeting will be an opportunity for Australasian researchers with an interest in endocarditis to present their studies.

In consultation with sponsors, we hope to announce prizes soon.

In addition to the prizes, best entries will be encouraged to be submitted to ISCVID for the June 2021 meeting in Barcelona, to showcase Australasia's talent.

We encourage entries from across Australasia.

Our Judges are expected to include our patrons, David Durack, Eugene Athan and Nathan Dwyer.

Rules for entries will be broadcast in due time.

Due to COVID-19, this meeting has been defered.

Watch this space for further announcements!!