Headed by Professor Ian Yang, the Northside Clinical Unit is situated within the Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). MNHHS is the public hospital and health service extending from north of the Brisbane River to north of Kilcoy, an area of 4,157 square kilometres. 

The MNHHS serves a population approaching 900,000 which represents approximately 20 per cent of the Queensland population in 0.2 per cent of the total area of Queensland. The population is growing rapidly and is forecast to be more than a million by 2021.

The district is actively involved in community health, providing such services as: Coordination, Rehabilitation and Consultation Services, Community Post Acute Services, Palliative Care and Alcohol and Drug Services. Considering the size of the Northside Clinical Unit, a strong and cooperative relationship with Queensland Heath is a necessity. Joint initiatives and policies have been established to ensure that the missions and visions of both entities are met, with a joint focus on patients, students and staff.

The Northside Clinical Unit hospitals are:

  • The Prince Charles Hospital 
  • Redcliffe Hospital 
  • Caboolture Hospital
  • Holy Spirit Northside Hospital (co-located on The Prince Charles Hospital campus).

The Northside Clinical Unit takes approximately 60 third year medical students and many more fourth year students, with numbers changing yearly based on availability.