Ipswich Clinical Unit is headed by Thomas Nathow and is located opposite the Ipswich Hospital, the main hospital in the West Moreton Hospital & Health Service (WMHHS).

Ipswich Hospital provides acute medical care to about 250,000 people in Ipswich and its rural areas of Boonah, Esk, Laidley and Gatton.

Almost 80 students from across years three and four of the medical program undertake clinical training at Ipswich Clinical School every year. 

Why Ipswich?

  • Exposure to clinical care in a wide range of settings: most training occurs at the Ipswich Hospital but students are exposed to rural, private, and community practice in some disciplines.
  • High case load: a recent expansion of the hospital has increased the number of beds to 340, while the Emergency Department is currently managing more than 50,000 presentations annually.
  • A dynamic city with a rapidly growing population: The WMHHS is situated in a rapidly expanding area of Southeast Queensland.  Its Board and Executive have targeted the region for an expanded role in teaching, learning and research.
  • A wide variety of specialities available: disciplines include Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Mental Health, General Practice, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Critical Care and Orthopaedics. There are limited placements in Surgical & Medical Specialties.

Academic Title Holders

UQ Medicine is proud to acknowledge that our provision of high quality medical education and research would not be possible without the work of our hospital and clinic-based health professionals. At Ipswich Clinical Unit, our clinical training and research is supported by more than 100 health professionals who hold an Academic Title with UQ.

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Location and Lifestyle

The Ipswich Clinical Unit is located across the road from the Ipswich Hospital, the main hospital in the West Moreton Hospital & Health Service (WMHHS).  It provides acute medical care to approximately 250,000 people in Ipswich and its rural areas of Boonah, Esk, Laidley & Gatton.

About Ipswich
Ipswich is Queensland's oldest provincial city located 40 minutes drive from Brisbane and one hour drive from the Gold Coast and domestic and international airports. The city has a rich architectural, natural and cultural heritage with more than 6,000 heritage-listed sites. Ipswich also has a range of charming townships within the western rural areas of the city, each with its own legitimate claims of historical significance.

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Head of Ipswich Clinical Unit
Thomas Nathow
Phone: +61 7 3810 9703
Email: t.nathow@uq.edu.au
Address: 1 Court Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Clinical Unit Team Leader
Ms Judy James
Phone: +61 7 3810 9705
Email: med.ipswich@uq.edu.au
Address: 1 Court Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305