The Rural Clinical School Research Centre is the research arm of the UQ Rural Clinical School. The Research Centre undertakes and facilitates medical and health-related research specific to regional, rural and remote areas. The Centre provides research support to RCS staff and students, clinicians and other stakeholders working in regional and remote areas who have an affiliation with UQRCS. Assistance can be provided with the design and conduct of original research, or linkage into an established project.

The Rural Clinical School Research Centre (RCSRC) is a research facility in the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland (UQ).  

RCSRC was originally the research arm of UQ's Rural Clinical School (RCS).  The RCS commenced in 2001 with federal funding provided as part of a national programme to improve the rural medical workforce. Research relevant to the needs of rural areas from individuals to the entire community was seen as an integral component of the School's roles and activities. Since its inception, the RCS has undertaken research activities in close collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), based in Toowoomba.

The centre has a strong track record of undertaking research relevant to the health and wellbeing of regional, rural and remote Australians including Indigenous Australians. The centre is involved in conducting original research into medical education, health workforce distribution, Indigenous health and medical research relevant to those living in rural/remote areas.  

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  • The Research Centre receives many requests for assistance. To assist in streamlining the process we request you submit details using our online form in the first instance.
  • Please note that a request for assistance with a proposed study will require submission of a completed proposal with the contact form. You may use the RCS Research Proposal Template and Guideline for this purpose.  You will also be required to demonstrate that your proposed study meets the criteria for assistance. You may complete the form offline and copy the information into the electronic form for submission.

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