Information for Onshore Domestic & International Students

The Ochsner Clinical School offers students the opportunity to experience a medical education from two world-class academic medical institutions: UQ Medicine and the Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Students who are not part of the Ochsner cohort (onshore domestic and international students) have the opportunity to apply for Year 4 placements at the Ochsner Clinical School. Placements are subject to availability. Please refer to Ochsner Clinical School Placements for details to apply.

Please refer to the information listed below for details specifically related to clinical placements at Ochsner.

    12. Prescriptions and special needs

    Due to pharmaceutical standards in the United States, prescriptions written outside the U.S.A. will not be recognized by pharmacists in the United States.  However, your home prescriptions will be useful should you need to discuss your medical history with a doctor after arrival.  

    You must declare all drugs and medicines, including prescription medicines, on entry into the country as some medicinal products may require an import permit or quarantine clearance.  If you are carrying any drugs or medicine, it is advisable to have a letter or a prescription from your doctor or practitioner describing your medication and medical condition.  It is advisable to contact both the Australian and United States Customs offices to discuss any concerns you may have regarding prescription medications prior to leaving Australia.