Building your medical career

Enabling students to explore the myriad of careers available as medical graduates and getting a head start on the skills and experience required to succeed. 

A career in medicine is challenging, rewarding and ever changing. As in every area of our lives technology is expanding the scope of our practice. The expectation of the public is to live long and fruitful lives with health matters sidelined as much as possible due to our increased knowledge and capability through research.

Becoming a medical student – a challenge in itself; is your first step on this path. You will find yourself excited and perhaps confronted by choice and having to make decisions with so many things to consider. Employment opportunities exist in spheres you may not yet have imagined.

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Whether you know from day 1 where you would like to finish or have no idea on your final day, there are opportunities you may not yet have dreamed of. Meetings by chance, and experiences due to accidents can all shape the way your career heads. Leave less to chance by checking out some of these resources and coming along to our careers events.

Your networks

  • Australian Medical Association Queensland free student membership

Join AMA Queensland to access free career development resources, the AMA careers advisory service, free seminars, webinars plus much more.

More information about the benefits of student membership is available on the AMA website

To join as a free student member, complete the online form.

The QDHP offers free peer-to-peer counselling for medical students and doctors in Queensland, and has a 24/7 hotline number that students can call for a confidential chat (07) 3833 4352.

For international students

International students wanting to stay in Australia

Greenslopes Private Hospital participates in the Junior Doctor Training program. The Greenslopes Clinical Unit will be hosting several upcoming sessions on the Greenslopes program and application process. The next dates are:

  • 31 July
  • 28 August
  • 2 October

For more information please contact the Greenslopes Clinical Unit

Students wanting to match in the US

Students wanting to match in Canada

The Faculty of Medicine is continuing its support of My Med Connection in partnership with OzTREKK. This program has been developed and refined to further support the specific needs of Canadian medical students. Follow this link for more information.