Targeting and tailoring information needs is an important component of improvement of medication use.  In collaboration with the Mater Hospital, Brisbane and the School of Pharmacy we have embarked on an exciting new research project that will contribute to a better understanding of questions about  medicines in general and their use in the community.

From 1995 to 2012, three national and one state-wide pharmacist-operated telephone medicines call centres were available for consumers and health professionals to seek information or report adverse events about medicines. These call centres were:

  •   Queensland Medication Helpline
  •    NPS Medicines Line
  •    Therapeutic Advisory Information Service (TAIS)  - for community-based health professionals
  •    Adverse Medicines Events (AME) Line.

More than 200,000 calls were fielded regarding more than 300,000 medications. Questions asked ranged from interaction effects, adverse events, withdrawal issues, to name but a few, and the volume of calls clearly indicates there is a gap in the information being provided to consumers about medications.

The therapeutic classes of medications that we are investigating include, but are not limited to:

  • complementary medicines;
  • psychotropics;
  • simple analgesics and NSAIDS;
  • medications used during lactation;
  • medication used in paediatric and geriatric patients;
  • statins;
  • opioids;
  • biological DMARDS; and
  • proton pump inhibitors.

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For more information, please contact Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers.