Globally, the proportion of the population aged over 60 years will double to 22% by 2050. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) predicts that 27% of the people aged over 65 years will be aged more than 80 years by 2051. The proportion of older persons requiring assistance with activities of daily living is currently 14% of the older population, but after 85 years this increases to 45%. As such, health care expenditure for the aged will increase. AIHW predicts that health care expenditure on older people could increase from about 33% of total health care expenditure in 1990 to 50% by 2051.

Within the context of the ageing of the population and the increased prevalence of complex conditions such as frailty, stroke and sarcopenia, our group is researching interventions and systems to prevent age-related conditions, to develop and evaluate therapies for complex conditions, and to enhance primary and secondary health care services and their interface in the care of older people.

The Discipline of General Practice also has links to projects investigating the management of a range of chronic and complex conditions, including:

  • Cardiology

Coronary Artery calcium score:  Use to Guide management of Hereditary Coronary Artery Disease (CAUGHT-CAD) (Funded by the NHMRC.  Project contact:  Professor Geoff Mitchell)

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Chronic Kidney Disease (Funded by NHMRC.  Project contact:  Professor Geoff Mitchell)

  • Whiplash

Clinical pathway of care for whiplash (Funded by NHMRC.  Project contact:  Professor Geoff Mitchell)

Current projects

  • Evaluation of a group intervention to promote adjustment to driving cessation in people with dementia.  (Funded by the NHMRC.  Project Contact:  Dr Theresa Scott and Professor Geoff Mitchell)
  • The BASIC (Better Assessment, Support and Interdisciplinary Care) Palliative Care Project for Frail Older People. (Funded by the NHMRC and Ipswich Hospital Foundation.  Project contact: Ms Sue-Ann Carmont and Professor Geoff Mitchell)
  • The utility of ultrasound for distinguishing heart failure from other causes of dyspnoea in older persons. (Funded by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation. Project contact: Professor Geoff Mitchell)          
  • GP-based intervention to minimise impact of care-giving on health of carers of people with stroke or CHF. (Project Contacts: Professor Geoff Mitchell)

Completed projects

  • Pevelence and risk factors of sarcopenia among adults living in nursing homes (Project contacts:  Professor Geoff Mitchell and Dr Hugh Senior)
  • Evaluation of a group intervention to promote older people's adjustment to driving cessation. (Funded by the NHMRC.  Project contact:  Professor Geoff Mitchell)
  • The role of allied health in the management of complex conditions in a multidisciplinary comprehensive primary care setting. (Funded by APHCRI.  Project contacts:  Professor Geoff Mitchell and Dr Hugh Senior)
  • A randomised pilot study of the effect of active video games on physical activity levels for sedentary people withg type 2 diabetes mellitus. (Funded by The University of Queensland.  Project contacts:  Dr Hugh Senior and Professor Geoff Mitchell)

Contact us

For more information regarding our research, please contact Professor Geoff Mitchell.