The Discipline of General Practice (DGP) is involved in a wide range of teaching, clinical and research activities. Our multidisciplinary team of General Practitioners and Primary Care Researchers are dedicated to improving the quality of care provided to patients in the community. Many of our staff are actively involved in clinical practice, often working with disadvantaged groups in society.

We enjoy sharing our passion for general practice and primary care with students in the GP rotations and contribute to building the global context in the preclinical curriculum. Through research on models of care, clinical care and issues affecting special interest populations such as Indigenous Australians, refugees and the elderly, for instance, we aim to contribute to the evidence base for our discipline and the translation of research to the community where it can make a difference.

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Away rotations

Guidelines for General Practice away rotation

International students are eligible to apply to complete their General Practice placement in Canada. Details of the program and selection criteria are as follows:

Who is eligible? International students studying year 3, who meet the Program Phase 2 Guideline Requirements, and have not already completed two international rotations. Students must follow all procedures as outlined on the Away rotations page on the Faculty of Medicine website.

Which Rotations are eligible for a general practice placement in Canada?  Rotation 2, 3 & 4. Please see the current published Allocation guidelines for information about rotation order and preferencing for allocations.

Maximum number of students per rotation: 3 students

Successful applicants must commit to:

  • Securing their own placement with a Family Medicine practitioner in Canada. This clinical teacher must not be a close relative, current employer or the personal family practitioner of the student. He or she must be unconditionally registered with the relevant Board. Their practice premises must be appropriately accredited. The Discipline of General Practice will assist by providing a GP Teacher Information Booklet, and will be available via email to address queries from a Family Medicine practitioner considering accepting a student.
  • Attending an orientation session with the Rotation Academic Coordinator in Brisbane during week 8 or 9 of the previous Rotation, before leaving for Canada
  • Attending all weekly tutorials via video-conference
  • Attending 28 General Practice/Family Medicine placement sessions at the practice selected
  • Personal study of the GP Rotation Learning Materials provided to all students
  • Completing a log of consultations observed over 4 placement sessions to assist in Discipline of General Practice evaluation of student clinical exposure
  • Participation in an interview about their placement experiences with the Academic Coordinator on return to Brisbane if requested Returning to Brisbane in week 8 of the General Practice Rotation to complete the written and Clinical Case Examinations in Brisbane

Please direct all questions relating to:

To apply please follow the instructions on the Faculty of Medicine webpage.