The Discipline of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care encompasses the clinical specialties of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Emergency Medicine.
We enjoy sharing our passion for general practice and primary care with students in the GP rotations.
A window into the ethical basis of medical practice, medical professionalism, and the legal and social frameworks in which medicine is practised.
The study of the techniques and processes used to create images of the human body for the purpose of patient diagnosis and management.
Teaching and research in all aspects of Medicine covering all of the body systems.
Teaching and research into the female reproductive organs.
Teaching and research into all aspects of child health.
Education and research in mental health - specifically, clinical aspects of behavioural science and clinical psychiatry.
The discipline encompasses teaching and research activities that highlight the issues faced by communities where access to healthcare may be affected by isolation and social inequity.
Teaching and research activities to keep students and researchers at the forefront of surgical practice.