ePoster prize winners

The highest scored posters in each group receive a prize of $100 and a certificate.


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Nordan Flaaten

Hip Fracture Outcomes: A Retrospective Study

Aidan Howard

The Prevalence of Non-Respiratory Sleep Disorders in Australian Children with Down Syndrome

Fraser Labrom

Vertebral Body Wedging Significantly Contributes to Coronal Plane Deformity: A Local Morphological Analysis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis during Growth

Timothy Lui

Defining patterns of inflammatory marker expression associated with cutaneous reactions

Xinyi Luo

An analysis of clinical outcomes based on anastomotic technique following esophagectomy




Health Services Research

(Top 3)

Vikas Bansal

ICD-10-AM codes for cirrhosis and related complications: key performance considerations for population and healthcare studies

Donald Chang

The Impact of a Novel, Multi-Disciplinary Primary Care Approach on End-of-Life Decision Making for High-Acuity Patients in the MedVantage Clinic

Tonchanok Intaprasert

Effects of Prolonged Masking and Isolation Protocols during the COVID-19 Era - A Rural Hospital Perspective




Mental Health & Well-being

(Top 2)

Hannah Margolis & Samantha Jaco

The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) to predict vulnerability to psychological distress in medical students

Shamima Banu Mohamed Ansari

The effectiveness of different methods of debriefing in reducing simulation-induced anxiety within the Emergency Department





(Top 2)

Mary Kassis

Incidental Findings in the Emergency Department: A Literature Review

Jonathan Hill

A Systematic Review of Contemporary Methods in Patellofemoral Joint Radiography and Grading of Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis




Biomedical Science (Top 1)

Burhan Khan

Increased cutaneous bacterial load of immunosuppressed organ transplant recipients




Case Reports & Protocols (Top 1)

Abirame Sivaskandarajah


Cri Du Chat Syndrome with Dextrocardia-Transposition of Great Arteries

Oral presentation prize winners

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Velina Charvaro


Successful Correction of Sagittal Imbalance by Single-segment Minimally Invasive Anterior Column Release with Anterior-to-the-Psoas Interbody Fusion Using Hyperlordotic Expandable Cage and Posterior Instrumentation: Case Series

Cody Frear


Cost-effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy as an adjunctive treatment for paediatric burns: evidence from the SONATA in C randomised controlled trial

Zorana Lynton


The structure-function paradox of callosal absence: Long-range axonal plasticity may not be necessary for the recovery of functional outcome.

Chloe Yap


Restricted diet drives autism-gut microbiota associations, which are weak compared to age, dietary and stool traits